Replacement Lamp for the SteriShoe+

This 5W UVC lamp is designed to last 7,000 hours and it’s germ killing powers can be measured 1 meter away.  It’s UV potency is up to 10x more powerful than our 3W UVC lamp.

Since UVC potency decreases with time, we recommend replacing these lamps every 2-3 years.

Price: $14.95


Replacement Lamp for the Original SteriShoe Sanitizer and the SteriShoe Essential

This 3W UVC lamp is designed to last 2,000.  Using it once a day you should provide seven years of germ-killing use.

Since UVC potency decreases with time, we recommend replacing these lamps every two years.

Price: $11.95


Scent Pouches

Keep your shoes smelling fresh with SteriShoe® scent pouches.  Designed for use in the SteriShoe+ and SteriShoe Essential, these scent pouches add a pleasant fragrance to shoes.  Using naturals oils and extracts, the scent pouches are non-toxic and chemical free.  Each box contains 8 scent pouches (4 individually packed pairs).

Price: $9.95


Troubleshooting SteriShoe Original Lamp

The error code indicated by the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer that there is an issue with the lamp is the same error code for an internal safety device (fuse). Before ordering a new lamp, switch lamps between the two units to determine if the problem is the lamp or the fuse. If the problem stays with the unit (after moving the lamp from the working unit into the non-functioning SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer) please call customer service at 1-866-686-7463. Please watch our Troubleshooting Video below for more additional information.

Safety Features

Important Information

Replacement lamps cannot be returned. Most orders process in 1-2 days. Click here for our Return Policy.