Onychomycosis in the Spotlight: Toenail Fungus Featured on Television Show "The Doctors"

Recently, the popular television show The Doctors had an episode about “awkward and embarrassing body problems.” There were audience members seeking advice on explosive diarrhea, bad tattoos of ex-boyfriends, lost tampons, and a woman with severe toenail fungus. While we may not particularly enjoy talking about these issues, the doctors wanted to make the point that patients should share their most embarrassing questions, concerns, and stories with health professionals in order to remain as healthy as possible.

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The Doctors is a popular syndicated show on day-time television.
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Denise Needs a Diagnosis, Say The Doctors

When audience member Denise revealed her ailing feet on live television, it looked like a textbook case of toenail fungus: the unsightly nails were thick, yellow, pulling away from the nail beds, and crumbling. However, Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Andrew Ordon agreed that the first step in treating the woman’s malady was to examine a scraping of the nail under a microscope to determine if there were any fungal cells present or not. Many patients try to self-diagnose their embarrassing problems and then wonder why treatments don’t seem to work. It is always possible that a more systemic infection — possibly viral or bacterial — would cause symptoms in the toenails. In that case, antifungal medication would be futile.

How to Treat Toenail Fungus

The doctors told Denise that the key to stopping and preventing toenail fungus is to keep her feet as dry as possible, since fungus prefers a damp environment. They recommended using a hair dryer to dry the feet after getting out of the shower and before putting shoes on. Putting baking soda in socks or shoes is another way to keep the feet drier through the absorption of sweat.

Dr. Ordon recommended using tea tree oil as a natural home remedy for toenail fungus. The woman admitted that she had tried tea tree oil, but she wasn’t sure if it really worked or not. In order to be effective, this remedy must be done regularly, twice a day, for weeks on end.

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Tea tree oil is a suggested home remedy for nail fungus.
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Once a diagnosis is confirmed by testing a scraping of the nail, the woman said she will probably begin oral antifungal treatment with Lamisil. She would then have to wait for the fresh nail to grow in and push the old fungal nails out. Since the nails were so far degraded and separating from the nail beds, it didn’t make sense to seek laser nail treatment.

Preventing Recurrence for a True Toenail Fungus Cure

Many people treat toenail fungus, but find that nothing works. A true toenail fungus cure requires patients to adhere to a strict daily foot fungus treatment regimen. Yet, they must also prevent the fungal spores from re-infecting the nails. That’s where the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer comes in handy. Our product uses germicidal UV light (like they use in hospitals) to sanitize the inside of your shoes, where fungi, bacteria, and viruses colonize. It takes just the push of a button and 45 minutes to eradicate pathogens in your footwear. If you or someone you love has suffered with the embarrassment of toenail fungus, buy a SteriShoe ultraviolet shoe sanitizer here and keep your feet spore-free!


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