A Fashion and Health Dilemma: Are Your Ugg Boots Harboring Foot Fungus?

When I thought of California, I always imagined everyone would be wearing sandals and flip-flops everywhere. But when I visited eight years ago, it seemed that every girl was wearing a pair of Uggs. “Boots? In this heat?” I thought; but, apparently, they aren’t very good in rain or snow, so it sort of makes sense.

Despite their enormous popularity, there has been a lot of hating on the widespread popularity of Ugg boots in recent years, for a number of reasons. Some just feel that the boots are ridiculous looking, particularly when paired with shorts or mini skirts. The favored footwear also presents some health drawbacks.

two girls walking in Ugg boots

People hate on Uggs for various reasons. Some just think they are ugly, but others have legitimate concerns about foot fungus.
Image source: Flickr user Mark Quintanilla

Reportedly, they cause foot and ankle pain when worn too often, men hate themand they have been linked to foot fungus! Yuck! Battling foot fungus for months or even years is a frustrating ordeal, but proper shoe sanitization can go a long way in helping you prevent a recurrence, without tossing out your favorite footwear.

How Do Uggs Cause Foot Fungus?

Fungal infections thrive in dark, damp environments. Uggs are made of a material that “traps in heat and moisture,” Dr. Gregg Cohen of Long Island College Hospital told the NY Daily News. “It’s like carpet,” he added. “Sneakers, on the other hand, are made of a more breathable material that can wick away moisture. The problem is that Uggs allow the sweat to just sit there.” Worse yet, most people don’t wear socks with this type of boot, so there is literally nothing to absorb the sweat pouring out of the 250,000 sweat glands on the feet.

trio of Ugg styles

Some say Uggs contribute to foot fungus buildup.
Image source: Flickr user easylocum

Can You Prevent Foot Fungus from Developing in Your Favorite Boots?

The best an Ugg lover can do is:

– Wear socks made of acrylic (rather than cotton) to wick moisture away.

– Change socks twice a day if they become wet.

– Use antibacterial soap on your feet daily.

– Wear antiperspirant on your feet to keep them from sweating too much.

– Apply topical antifungal cream on peeling or cracking skin.

– Sprinkle a little antifungal powder in your boots.

– Give your boots a day to dry out in between wears.

– Each night, run your boots through a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer cycle to sanitize them of bacteria, fungus and microbes.

Fix Those Fungus Feet with Proper Footwear Sanitization

Love your Uggs, but hate the idea of fungus feet? We’ve got the solution for you. Get the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer from Shoe Care Innovations.

This high-tech gizmo uses ultraviolet light to zap 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi, and viruses trapped inside your Uggs with just one 45-minute cycle. Use the device daily to cover all bases and have drier, cleaner, fresher-smelling boots. The podiatrist-recommended product is clinically proven to kill the pathogens that cause athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and diabetic foot infections. Try one risk-free here.