Say Goodbye to Fungal Freeloaders: Examining Candida, Symptoms, and Treatment

In elementary school, we learn about symbiotic relationships: the lamprey that cleans debris off the shark; the bio-luminescent bacteria that attracts food for the anglerfish; the bees that pollinate the flowers. We tend to think of ourselves as autonomous beings, but — just as you are comprised of cells and genes — you are also comprised of microscopic organisms from your environment. Sometimes these trillions of microbes help us, such as the case of the one kilogram of intestinal “good” bacteria. Yet, other times, the parasites take advantage of their kindly hosts, causing them harm.

candida diet

You can see the spores of candida albicans in this image.

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Foot Fungus Nightmares: Can Athlete's Foot Spread To Other Parts of the Body?

Athlete’s foot is a highly contagious fungus that typically spreads on damp locker room floors and shower stalls. Sometimes there is no rash — but rather, a peeling and flaking of the skin beneath the toes. Other times, the fungus causes the foot to turn beet red and a full-scale rash erupts. Either way, the symptoms of athlete’s foot are uncomfortable and itchy. As the infection progresses, painful blisters may erupt and the infection can spread to other parts of the body.

athlete's foot

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