SteriShoe: Your Shoes’ New Best Friend

We rarely think twice about throwing a pair of sweaty socks into the wash. But what about our shoes? Surely foot sweat and odor doesn’t end with our knit friends. The barriers between foot, sock, shoe, and environment are thinner than we imagine. Shoe Care Innovations presents a safe, clinically-proven method of sanitizing the inside of your shoes with the SteriShoe sanitizer. This groundbreaking product is recommended by over 1,000 podiatrists and has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. If you’ve ever wanted a better way to clean your shoes and protect yourself from germs, read on to learn more!

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Inserting sanitization devices into your shoes for 45 minutes a day can kill 99.9% of the pathogens dwelling there.
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Shoe Etiquette: Is It Rude To Ask Guests To Remove Shoes In Your Home for Better Hygiene

There is always that awkward moment entering a person’s home for the first time. You desperately look to make eye contact with the homeowner, while furtively looking around for signs that will tell you whether there is a de facto “shoes off” policy or not. Is the homeowner wearing shoes? Are other people starting to remove shoes? Are there white carpets? Does it look like the home has a maid service? Are the resident shoes piled up at the door?

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If anyone in your home has allergies, it’s best to leave shoes at the door, says WebMD. Image Source:

It can be a confusing dance — not just for guests, but for homeowners too. Many people would prefer to have guests remove their shoes at the door, but worry that it may come across as rude. We’ll help you navigate that awkward maze as seamlessly as possible to make the transition to a cleaner, fresher home — sans heinous shoe bacteria. 

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10 Must-Read Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

Everyone needs to take care of their feet, and this is doubly true if you suffer from diabetes.  Diabetics have a lot to worry about in terms of daily insulin and other dietary maintenance, so it is easy to let foot health slip between the cracks.  If you or someone you know has diabetes, these are 10 must-read tips.

1. Examine your feet daily.

Decreased blood flow and high blood sugars lead diabetics to develop neuropathy — a lack of feeling — in the feet. You may not feel that blister, but it could be getting infected and causing real problems. That’s why it’s essential that you look for visual cues of trouble, rather than relying on your pain sensors.

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5 "Feet Treats" That Do More Harm Than Good

Now that the weather is nicer, our feet are coming out into the public sphere more often. You may find all sorts of unpleasant issues that you’ve been hiding in your shoes. Corns, calluses, dead skin, ingrown nails and gnarly cuticles are just a sampling of what you might encounter, upon closer inspection. Yet, before you go about trying to fix things yourself, consider five “feet treats” that podiatrists say do more harm than good.

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