Toenail Fungus Treatment Review: What Is Dr. Paul's Piggy Paste?

America is desperate for a quick, easy, affordable toenail fungus treatment that works. Unfortunately, every toenail fungus solution out there has its set of drawbacks. Rather than pay the high cost of laser toenail treatment, wait around to see if toenail lacquer works or risk liver complications from oral medication, many people are looking for home remedies for toenail fungus or over-the-counter cures. Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste was recently featured in a FOX Small Business spotlight.

toenail fungus treatment

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5 "Feet Treats" That Do More Harm Than Good

Now that the weather is nicer, our feet are coming out into the public sphere more often. You may find all sorts of unpleasant issues that you’ve been hiding in your shoes. Corns, calluses, dead skin, ingrown nails and gnarly cuticles are just a sampling of what you might encounter, upon closer inspection. Yet, before you go about trying to fix things yourself, consider five “feet treats” that podiatrists say do more harm than good.

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