Risks & Rewards: 4 of Nature’s Wonderful Antibiotics

This time of year, families are out hiking, camping and spending days at the beach. Having a well-stocked family first aid kit is imperative. However, you needn’t spend a fortune on items that have limited shelf lives. Instead, why not add some of nature’s wonderful antibiotics into the mix? As the makers of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer, we truly believe that nature sometimes has the best answers to our problems. While natural remedies may not always be suitable for infants under 12 months, research shows they are well tolerated and often effective for older children and adults. Here are a few essentials for your kit.

natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics help boost immunity.

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Uses For Germicidal UV Light: Eliminate Nail Fungus & More!

Germicidal UV light has been in the news headlines a lot recently. A Denver Hospital reported the use of Xenex, a germicidal UV lamp robot that can kill a room full of harmful organisms in five to 10 minutes. Heating, ventilation and cooling contractors report that UV-C lights can provide more than 25% energy savings, boost airflow and extend the life of HVAC equipment. Researchers are using UV-C light to change lard, tallow, olive oil and waste canola oil into olefins used to make plastic. It’s amazing what this type of natural light can do! Find out how we’re using it to eliminate nail fungus…

uvc light

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