Cause for Celebration: New Study Shows Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Success

Patients often view toenail fungus laser treatment as groundbreaking technology for a very stubborn infection. However, very little research has been published demonstrating its effectiveness. Much of what we see comes from early adopters of the technology who have used a foot laser on their patients. The latest news comes from a study of 200 toes at Adler Footcare in New York City.

toenail fungus laser

Adler Footcare in NY celebrates a successful study on toenail fungus laser treatment. Image Source:

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Is Anacor’s Tavaborale The Onychomycosis Cure We’ve Been Waiting For?

Anacor is one of six “under-performing biotech stocks analysts love,” according to Equities.comThe company develops small molecule therapeutics and “scored a big victory with the FDA’s recent acceptance of a New Drug Application for Tavaborale in October,” says the site. They’ve seen stock gains of 92.77% since June. Recently, a Canadian company was ordered to pay Anacor $142.5 million for trying to steal intellectual property and develop the toenail fungus treatment independently, despite contractual obligations. This makes us wonder… how juicy are these trade secrets? Could tavaborale be the onychomycosis cure we’ve been waiting for?

onychomycosis treatment

Image Source:

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Famous People Who’ve Had Athlete’s Foot & Fungal Nails

No one likes to admit they were frolicking barefoot in public and fell prey to a disgusting foot fungus! Yet, these conditions are so common that even the most idolized figures in society can contract, so you needn’t feel ashamed. Athlete’s foot affects one in 10 people in North America and toenail fungus is said to affect 14% of Americans. Check out some of the celebrities who have allegedly had tinea pedis or onychomycosis…

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