Birkenstocks Banned: Do Sandals & Flip-Flops Give You Toenail Fungus?

“Due to health and safety concerns, as of April 28, 2013, Whitman College has placed a ban on Birkenstocks,” reads a post in the humor section of The Whitman Pioneer. The article went on to jest that the trouble began in the sixties when “a  marked increase of foot fungus and ankle injury made its way to campus.” Writer Evelyn Levine also quoted one “Birkenstock educator” as saying, “Another problem is that we think the shoes last forever, that the greener the brown or tan pair gets, the more ‘street cred’ we have. Frankly, keeping shoes for that long is unsanitary.” While this may all be a joke, it does point out a real life concern — that many people are walking around in unsanitary footwear.

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5 "Feet Treats" That Do More Harm Than Good

Now that the weather is nicer, our feet are coming out into the public sphere more often. You may find all sorts of unpleasant issues that you’ve been hiding in your shoes. Corns, calluses, dead skin, ingrown nails and gnarly cuticles are just a sampling of what you might encounter, upon closer inspection. Yet, before you go about trying to fix things yourself, consider five “feet treats” that podiatrists say do more harm than good.

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Tips For Beach-Ready Feet

The beach can be a dangerous place. Just ask the fish! They fall prey to contagious ich, parasites and deadly chemicals in their environment. Likewise, the beach can be a danger to humans — and we’re not just talking sharks and stingrays here! Foot fungus and athlete’s foot thrive at beach bath houses, where lots of people walk barefoot with their guard down. Protect your feet this summer with the following tips.

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