Dreadful Foot Doctor Topics: Dealing with Sweaty, Smelly Feet

Today we wrap up our three-part series on “embarrassing foot problems people hate to discuss with their doctors” with a foe perhaps more humiliating than toenail fungus and athlete’s foot: sweaty, smelly feet! While there are several potential reasons why your feet may smell worse than other people’s, one common cause is excessive sweating. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, less than 40% of the people with this problem seek medical care for it. We are conditioned by society to feel that foot odor is a biological problem that we’re born with, when in reality, it can be addressed medically.

smelly feet

Do your feet smell worse than other people’s? You can address that condition by visiting a podiatrist.
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Dealing with Stinky Feet? 10 Natural Home Remedies to Alleviate Odor

Stinky feet — or “bromhidrosis” — is a medical condition resulting from the combination of perspiration and bacteria. Additional factors include moist socks, dead skin, and trapping the feet inside shoes all day long. Not everyone is as proud of clearing a room with their feet, as this young girl who was recognized in the Odor-Eaters “Hall of Fumes.” Here are a few natural home remedies to treat smelly feet and shoes.

feet with odor wafting

Are smelly feet ruining your social life? Try these 10 natural foot odor treatments.
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Is Your Scent Caused by Your DNA? 5 Surprising Causes of Body Odor

Body odor happens to the best of us at some point or another. Yet, for some Americans, foot and underarm stench is a daily bother. It’s the root of unhappiness, the cause of public paranoia, and a source of raw embarrassment. We’re talking about people who shower regularly, who wear deodorant, who do laundry — and yet, despite their best efforts, they still manage to produce a foul odor that offends those around them. Read on to learn about five lesser-mentioned causes of body odor.

cause of odor

Peppy Le Pew is a notorious stinker, but it’s pretty obvious what makes him smell bad! People are not always so easy to figure out.
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Study Reveals People Cooperate Better If You Have Smelly Feet

When I was in elementary school, there was a girl in our class who had the worst body odor. It was so offensive that the boys squirmed in their chairs or tried to move seats to get away from her. The girls wrote mercilessly mean notes about it, dreaming up all sorts of nicknames for this poor individual. My experience has been that people with smelly feet and armpits do not tend to be the ones with the most friends. However, researchers at KU Leuven in Belgium have found that body odor triggers feelings of concern in others and leads to more cooperation.

stinky feet

Do stinky shirts and stinky feet lead to better cooperation? Researchers think, in small doses, it just might. Image Source:

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SteriShoe: Your Shoes’ New Best Friend

We rarely think twice about throwing a pair of sweaty socks into the wash. But what about our shoes? Surely foot sweat and odor doesn’t end with our knit friends. The barriers between foot, sock, shoe, and environment are thinner than we imagine. Shoe Care Innovations presents a safe, clinically-proven method of sanitizing the inside of your shoes with the SteriShoe sanitizer. This groundbreaking product is recommended by over 1,000 podiatrists and has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. If you’ve ever wanted a better way to clean your shoes and protect yourself from germs, read on to learn more!

clean shoes

Inserting sanitization devices into your shoes for 45 minutes a day can kill 99.9% of the pathogens dwelling there.
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Survey Shows Moms of 9 to 11 Year Olds Not Ready For Puberty Problems Like Foot Fungus

Mothers often find themselves shocked by the changes their nine to eleven-year-olds face during puberty, according to a new study by Galderma Laboratories and Kelton. The group looked at 2,000 mothers and analyzed perceptions of skin conditions like acne. The study showed that 66% of moms went a month or more without thinking about their children’s skin. Nearly three-quarters of mothers worried about the effects of puberty, such as their child feeling embarrassed or unattractive. We find that puberty woes go far beyond acne, however. Problems like foot fungus and sweaty, smelly feet can also be cause for concern in the lives of young people.


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Japanese Robots Detect Smelly Feet

Kaori-chan may look beautiful with her brown hair and blue eyes… but looks can be deceiving. This particular robot is just straight-up rude! If you speak to her with bad breath, she will say, “No way! I can’t stand it!” — or, worse yet, “There’s an emergency taking place that’s beyond the limit of patience!”

If you think that sounds strange, consider that she has a pet dog who is just as snarky. Shuntaro-kun sniffs out smelly feet, all while playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in the background. He may cuddle up to you if you have particularly delightful feet — or he may bark, growl and pass out if you greet him with smelly shoes.

Japanese robots

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