How Contagious Is Athlete’s Foot? Your Bad Habits, Not Others, May Be to Blame

New York University scientist Dr. Rudolf L. Baer wants you to know that you may have the fungus that causes athlete’s foot on your feet at this very moment. He’d like to dispel the myth that athlete’s foot is easily contagious from person to person, with the itchy, burning condition arising the moment someone comes into contact with a contaminated foot bath, shower room floor, yoga mat, or bed sheet. He wants the population to take another look at how the foot fungus really spreads and what we should really be doing to prevent it.

bare feet may contract athlete's foot

Are your bad habits setting you at risk for contracting athlete’s foot fungus?
Image Source: Flickr user Nicholas A. Tonelli

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UV Light Disinfects Hospitals, Cleans Water and Sanitizes Shoes

The sun’s UV light sometimes gets a bad rap due to concerns about “radiation.” In the summer months, we slather on sunblock to avoid these powerful UV rays. Yet, man has come up with a number of safe ways to harness ultraviolet light for practical purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss three emerging uses for UV technology that you may not know about.

uv light

UV light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Image Source:

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Get Salon Feet at Home: 5 Simple Foot Care Tips for a DIY Pedicure

Each year, I visit my favorite local spa for a pedicure on my birthday. It’s not just a matter of personal hygiene. It’s about relaxing and pampering myself. It’s about wearing a plush robe, sitting in a dimly lit room, breathing in aromatherapy scents, listening to the sound of Asian mandolins, and enjoying a steaming hot cup of Aveda tea.  A professional pedicure alleviates my cracked heels and calluses — which could become a portal to infection — and returns me to fresh, baby-soft skin again. Every time I go, I say, “I should do this regularly — like once a month!” While a writer’s salary is entirely livable, shelling out $60 for this self-indulgence every month gives me pause. That’s why I decided to do home pedicures and save a visit to the professionals for my annual birthday treat.

DIY pedicure

DIY pedicures at home will save you money, but still give you that pampered, relaxed feeling.
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SteriShoe: Your Shoes’ New Best Friend

We rarely think twice about throwing a pair of sweaty socks into the wash. But what about our shoes? Surely foot sweat and odor doesn’t end with our knit friends. The barriers between foot, sock, shoe, and environment are thinner than we imagine. Shoe Care Innovations presents a safe, clinically-proven method of sanitizing the inside of your shoes with the SteriShoe sanitizer. This groundbreaking product is recommended by over 1,000 podiatrists and has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. If you’ve ever wanted a better way to clean your shoes and protect yourself from germs, read on to learn more!

clean shoes

Inserting sanitization devices into your shoes for 45 minutes a day can kill 99.9% of the pathogens dwelling there.
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