Prevent Fungus Recurrence: 5 Ways to Sanitize Toenail Clippers

There are many often-overlooked reasons why toenail fungus either comes back or never seems to go away in the first place. If you got it from walking around a hotel shower, a swimming pool deck, or a gym locker room floor, then you obviously know to cover your feet with flip-flops or water shoes. What you may not think of is the fact that fungal spores can live on all kinds of surfaces for months — including metal toenail clippers! So when you cut your fungal nail with your clippers, you can easily transmit the fungi to other toenails or fingernails — and even reinfect yourself — if you don’t properly sanitize your clippers. We’ll give you a few different ways of doing that.

toenail clippers

Did you remember to sanitize these?
Image source: Flickr user Bradley Gordon

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New Shoes, New You: Survey Reveals Connection Between Footwear & Feelings

What do you do with a pair of shoes that has been with you through thick and thin? Your favorite pair of shoes has seen it all — the mud puddles, the morning jogs, the hiking trips, the shopping trips, even the foot fungus. Unfortunately, once fungus strikes, your podiatrist might recommend that you throw out all your shoes and start fresh to avoid the possibility of recontaminating your feet. Or your podiatrist may recommend using the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to remove 99.9% of the fungi and bacteria in your shoes with each 45-minute cycle. For most people, the latter is not only a more economical option, but also a more emotionally gratifying option as well, as a new study reveals the ties between footwear and feelings.

high heels

Thanks to the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer, you don’t have to throw out your favorite heels.
Image Source: Flickr user Jassie Singh

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Staying Healthy While Getting Fit: 10 Ways to Avoid Gym Germs

Gyms can be a nightmare for the person who cares about personal hygiene and preventing foot infections. Any place that houses so many people is subject to germ transmission, but it’s particularly bad when said people are sweating their germs everywhere and sharing the same equipment. From yoga mats and basketballs, to weight bars and public shower stalls, the list of places to pick up a pathogen are endless. So what can you do to avoid the most infectious gym germs?

personal hygiene

You’ll need more than a watered down spray bottle to protect yourself from gym germs.
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Innovations in Treatment: Light-Based Therapies Offer Hope for Onychomycosis Sufferers

Anyone who has had insidious toenail fungus knows it’s difficult to get rid of once you have it. In fact, it’s so hard to get rid of that some people go to the extreme and have a nail removed! More research is needed to determine whether light-based treatments will be the next generation of toenail fungus treatments, but a review published in the December 24th edition of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine indicates that there is hope for onychomycosis sufferers.

laser toenail treatment

Laser toenail treatment may be the next frontier in treating onychomycosis, but better studies must be developed.
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5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Tackle Toenail Fungus

During the blustery winter months, it’s all too easy to pack our feet away in our thick wool socks and boots, or tuck them inside a pair of slippers. We do our best to ignore the yellow, crumbling keratin towers rising up out of our toes. Yet, once the weather warms up, we find ourselves wishing we had done something about toenail fungus before it was too late. Once your neighbors start busting their sandals, flip-flops, and cute strappy heels out of the closet, there is little hope of joining them.

snow toes

Are you guilty of trying to hide and bury your toenail fungus toes in the winter months, hoping it will all just sort itself out?
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SteriShoe: Your Shoes’ New Best Friend

We rarely think twice about throwing a pair of sweaty socks into the wash. But what about our shoes? Surely foot sweat and odor doesn’t end with our knit friends. The barriers between foot, sock, shoe, and environment are thinner than we imagine. Shoe Care Innovations presents a safe, clinically-proven method of sanitizing the inside of your shoes with the SteriShoe sanitizer. This groundbreaking product is recommended by over 1,000 podiatrists and has been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance. If you’ve ever wanted a better way to clean your shoes and protect yourself from germs, read on to learn more!

clean shoes

Inserting sanitization devices into your shoes for 45 minutes a day can kill 99.9% of the pathogens dwelling there.
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Ball Don’t Lie, But Neither Does Fungus: Survey Shows NBA Players Hit Hard By Toenail Fungus

A survey of athletic trainers for 17 National Basketball Association teams found that nearly one-third of players suffer from toenail fungus / onychomycosis. Unfortunately, this is not the sort of marketing NBA teams may want, but the survey sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation reflects just how widespread the problem is. An estimated 10 million Americans are infected with nail fungus, which is a  notoriously difficult ailment to treat.

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