Why is Lotrimin Restricted in California?

Most Americans don’t even think twice when it comes to slathering on over-the-counter topical medication for a skin ailment. (Hey, anything to avoid a trip to the doctor, right?!) But sometimes we place too much faith in the products that are available to us. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does their best to keep up with the latest safety information, we fall way short of European Union standards. Many ingredients that have been banned for years in Europe in light of scientific discoveries still appear freely in products sold in The United States. One of these ingredients is known carcinogen Diethanolamine, which is found in Lotrimin Antifungal Cream.

lotrimin antifungal cream

What’s in Lotrimin may sicken you! Image Source:

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Antifungal Cream: Amazon Consumers’ Top Picks for Treating Foot Fungus

Two names stand out in the world of antifungal foot creams: Lotrimin and Lamisil. Lotramin uses prescription-strength Butenafine to treat athlete’s foot, whereas Lamisil uses prescription-strength terbinafine to treat foot fungus. If you have tried these medications and they did not work for you, there are a few other options that Amazon buyers say have provided favorable results.

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We look at some of the top picks for antifungal creams.
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What Is Ringworm? How to Identify and Treat This Common Fungal Infection

My sister’s friend came over one day and proudly declared, “Check this out. I have ringworm.” I instinctively recoiled and suddenly wanted to be as far away from her as possible. Indeed, the name “ringworm” strikes fear in the hearts of all who hear it; but, really, “ringworm” is a misnomer because this skin condition is not actually a parasitic worm at all! Affecting 10 to 20% of the general population, ringworm is a fungal skin infection that causes a circular, red, scaly rash with wavy, raised edges.

Admittedly, it does look a little like a worm biting its own tail! Yet, you needn’t feel overly grossed out by it. Ringworm is actually the same exact infection as “jock itch” and “athlete’s foot” — except that it is not just confined to a person’s nether-regions or feet. Ringworm generally affects the scalp, nails, arms, legs, or face. Like any fungus, it can spread easily.


The center of ringworm usually does not appear affected by the red raised rash, hence the name. Image Source:

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