Antifungal Cream: Amazon Consumers’ Top Picks for Treating Foot Fungus

Two names stand out in the world of antifungal foot creams: Lotrimin and Lamisil. Lotramin uses prescription-strength Butenafine to treat athlete’s foot, whereas Lamisil uses prescription-strength terbinafine to treat foot fungus. If you have tried these medications and they did not work for you, there are a few other options that Amazon buyers say have provided favorable results.

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We look at some of the top picks for antifungal creams.
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Toenail Fungus Treatments Are Plagued By Fancy Language & Few Results

Buyers beware when it comes to toenail treatments for onychomycosis (otherwise known as toenail fungus). Over the years, there have been many misleading statements made by advertisers of toenail fungus treatments promising “miracle cures,” all the while peddling snake oil. We recently penned an article on how the FDA is cracking down on illegal claims made by diabetic foot care products. Yet, we’re finding the same is true of toenail fungus foot care products as well.

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Fungi-Nail received a stern warning from the FDA for making misleading statements regarding the effectiveness of their product.
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Don't Overpay for Toenail Fungus Treatment: Generic Lamisil Now Available at Walmart for $4!

Everyone knows the toenail fungus treatment Lamisil, thanks to its revolting mascot “Digger.” According to Forbes magazine, manufacturer Novartis spent $236 million on three years’ worth of ads, which resulted in a 19% jump in sales to $1.2 billion in 2004. For years, this salesman has captured the attention of consumers looking for a toenail fungus cure, despite its expensive.

People continue to buy Lamisil in droves, thanks in part to enthusiastic doctor support and continued notoriety. However, the introduction of a generic version of terbinafine in 2006 threatened the drug’s stranglehold on the market and resulted in a 17% drop in Lamisil sales the first year it became available. So the question remains: Are you taking Lamisil and overpaying for your toenail fungus treatment?


“Digger” made the Lamisil brand a household name.
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Toenail Fungus: What To Do If You're Worried About Liver Damage From Oral Pills

A reader recently wrote in to the NY Times with worries about certain toenail fungus treatments. “I have avoided using oral drugs for chronic toenail fungus because I don’t want to risk liver damage,” the reader writes. Furthermore, the toenail fungus sufferer wondered if there were any risks for allowing the fungus to persist untreated. These concerns seem perfectly valid, considering that labels for the top oral remedies warn patients with liver trouble to avoid them. So what’s a person to do?


Terbinafine labels warn users that they may be at increased risk for liver damage, although it is rare. Image Source:

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Ball Don’t Lie, But Neither Does Fungus: Survey Shows NBA Players Hit Hard By Toenail Fungus

A survey of athletic trainers for 17 National Basketball Association teams found that nearly one-third of players suffer from toenail fungus / onychomycosis. Unfortunately, this is not the sort of marketing NBA teams may want, but the survey sponsored by Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation reflects just how widespread the problem is. An estimated 10 million Americans are infected with nail fungus, which is a  notoriously difficult ailment to treat.

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Lamisil Liver Damage Lawsuits on the Rise

Big pharmaceutical companies can’t always be trusted to have our best interests at heart, as we saw in the recent whistleblower lawsuit with Boehringer Ingelheim. The company paid out $95 million for defrauding Medicare and aggressively encouraging off-label uses for their product, so they could churn a bigger profit. The same can be said of drugs used to treat common foot problems, such as athlete’s foot. Lamisil liver damage is one of the recent claims under increased scrutiny by the FDA and other government agencies around the world.

Lamisil lawsuit

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