Just “Plane” Gross: What You Can Do to Beat Germs During Air Travel

As summer kicks into high gear, many people will be taking to the skies for vacation getaways. We’ll be the first to admit we don’t particularly love traveling by plane. While it gets us from here to there in record time, there can be a lot of hassles, from baggage fees to the icky shoe removal policy while going through security. Now researchers have a new reason for us to loathe air travel. Research shows that infectious, disease-causing bacteria and airplane germs can live for weeks on most airplane surfaces.

plane taking off

Find out where germs lurk on planes and how long they live.
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Foot Hygiene: 3 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Cut Your Cuticles

Cutting or pushing down nail cuticles used to be standard practice in nail salons because it provided a more aesthetically pleasing look. A cuticle is the part of the skin tissue at the base of the nail that seals the nail to the skin. Some people have a nervous habit to pick at this area, since these little pieces of skin tend to catch on fabrics, thus calling attention to themselves. However, the practice of trimming cuticles is falling by the wayside as increased awareness about foot hygiene is spreading.

cuticle trimming

Do you trim your cuticles? You should consider refraining from this practice.
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5 Ways To Keep Dangerous Germs Out Of Your Home

The home should be a place of respite and peace — not a revolting place full of bacteria, fungus and illness-causing germs. While it’s true that not all types of bacteria constitute as “pathogens,” wouldn’t you rather live in a sanitary environment if you could? There are a few guidelines for the industrious homemaker to keep in mind to ensure that contact with dangerous germs is kept to a minimum, with the goal that the family remains as healthy as possible.

household germs

Dangerous germs can lurk in the most unlikeliest places. Image Source:

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A Cautionary Tale: California Man's Mismanaged Diabetes Nearly Costs Him a Foot

Rick Maina’s nightmare began when he stepped on a thumb tack in the garage. The 53-year-old said he wasn’t too worried at first. He treated it with antiseptic and went on with his life for the next month. Then, on Labor Day weekend, he wore a pair of flip-flops to the beach and noticed that his previously injured foot began to swell up. “I maybe picked up some bacteria in the sand, and that caused it to become infected,” he said. At the time, he had no idea that his Type 2 diabetes had caused nerve damage in his feet. This true story shows how diabetic foot infections can quickly spiral into serious trouble.

diabetic foot infection

Wearing flip-flops to the beach can spell disaster for an uncontrolled diabetic with a small puncture wound.
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Bacteria and Foot Health: Frontline Documentary Explores How Antibiotics Are Contributing To The Rise Of "Superbugs"

Did you happen to catch the new Frontline documentary covering the rise of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs”? If you missed it, you can catch the whole 53 minutes here, on the PBS website. In the past, ailments like strep throat or a scraped knee could kill a person. Health experts warn that we may be on the verge of such widespread death once again. CDC Director Tom Frieden said that superbugs resist most antibiotics and can actually spread resistance to other types of germs in the body. Roughly half the people who get bloodstream infections caused by these silent menaces die from them.

nightmare bacteria

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5 Ways Bacteria Can Infect The Feet

More than 80 types of bacteria have found a happy home on our feet. In fact, different types of foot fungus, bacterial colonies and microbes prefer to live in different places — some on the sole, some in between the toes, some on the tops of our feet. It really is a diverse, thriving colony. Gross, right? The reality is that this bacteria can’t hurt us just sitting there. The microbes need a pathway inside the body, where it can cause a wealth of disgusting and uncomfortable side effects. Here are five ways bacteria can cause a foot infection.

foot bacteria

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