Examining the Popularity of Nameko Saibai: Japanese Game Makes Fungus Look Cute

“Cute” may not be the first adjective that comes to mind when you think of fungus — whether it’s foot fungus or edible mushrooms. Yet, Japanese game maker, Tokyo-based Beeworks, took a bold leap in revolutionizing the drab, ugly world of fungi for their smartphone app Nameko Saibai. In today’s post, find out what this smartphone app is and what makes it so popular. Also, learn what you can do if you’ve had a recent run-in with a real type of fungus that isn’t so cute.

get rid of fungus

It’s hard to believe these cute characters are really just a type of fungus!

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Say Goodbye to Fungal Freeloaders: Examining Candida, Symptoms, and Treatment

In elementary school, we learn about symbiotic relationships: the lamprey that cleans debris off the shark; the bio-luminescent bacteria that attracts food for the anglerfish; the bees that pollinate the flowers. We tend to think of ourselves as autonomous beings, but — just as you are comprised of cells and genes — you are also comprised of microscopic organisms from your environment. Sometimes these trillions of microbes help us, such as the case of the one kilogram of intestinal “good” bacteria. Yet, other times, the parasites take advantage of their kindly hosts, causing them harm.

candida diet

You can see the spores of candida albicans in this image.

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Laundry Secrets: How To Kill Athlete's Foot Fungus In The Wash

“Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” Lady Macbeth yelled in the famous Shakespearean play. She was, of course, talking about the blood on her hands from killing King Duncan. However, for people suffering from onychomycosis or athlete’s foot, that “spot” might be a lot harder to catch – it might be a tiny fungal spore.

These insidious organisms can live on surfaces for many months, re-infecting hosts multiple times. Since antifungal treatment is generally time-consuming and expensive, no matter which method you choose, you will want to avoid this fate. Here’s what we know about killing fungus on towels, clothing and sheets through the laundry.

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Fungal spores easily come off athlete’s foot and get onto towels, bedding, and clothing. Image Source:

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