Time is Ticking: Even Laser Toenail Fungus Removal Can’t Help Procrastinators

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of sandal lovers with foot fungus more than the warming weather. Soon there will be pool parties, beach outings, and special events requiring open-toe shoes. No one wants to miss out on summer fun because of a little toenail fungus. Thankfully, laser toenail fungus removal is available for people who want an easier way to eradicate the pesky condition. The bad news is that it’s probably too late to whip your feet into shape for this summer’s festivities.

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You mustn’t procrastinate when it comes to toenail fungus removal.
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Cause for Celebration: New Study Shows Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Success

Patients often view toenail fungus laser treatment as groundbreaking technology for a very stubborn infection. However, very little research has been published demonstrating its effectiveness. Much of what we see comes from early adopters of the technology who have used a foot laser on their patients. The latest news comes from a study of 200 toes at Adler Footcare in New York City.

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Adler Footcare in NY celebrates a successful study on toenail fungus laser treatment. Image Source:

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Uses For Germicidal UV Light: Eliminate Nail Fungus & More!

Germicidal UV light has been in the news headlines a lot recently. A Denver Hospital reported the use of Xenex, a germicidal UV lamp robot that can kill a room full of harmful organisms in five to 10 minutes. Heating, ventilation and cooling contractors report that UV-C lights can provide more than 25% energy savings, boost airflow and extend the life of HVAC equipment. Researchers are using UV-C light to change lard, tallow, olive oil and waste canola oil into olefins used to make plastic. It’s amazing what this type of natural light can do! Find out how we’re using it to eliminate nail fungus…

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Complications of Untreated Toenail Fungus In Diabetics

Even though insurance companies treat onychomycosis (toenail fungus) as a “cosmetic” issue that they don’t have to cover, it’s a different story for patients who have diabetes. According to Clinical Diabetesthe official journal of the American Diabetes Association, “The outcome from not treating onychomycosis in diabetic patients can be worse than in those without diabetes.” For this reason, some insurance companies will cover toenail fungus treatment for the approximately 22% of diabetics who have toenail fungus.

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