Embarrassing Foot Problems You May Not Want to Discuss with Your Doctor: Toenail Fungus

Annual wellness visits with a physician are meant to be a time to air all of one’s medical questions, cares, and concerns with a professional. However, many of us freeze up when we see the doctor’s smiling happy face — and, when posed with the question, “How are you?” we immediately launch into the scripted, “Fine” or “Good” response. We may be willing to discuss back pain or inflammation, but when it comes to feet, many people are squeamish. This blog is not designed to replace medical advice from your physician. However, you may feel more comfortable bringing up embarrassing foot problems once you’re more familiar with them. We will take a look at a few different conditions among several posts, with today’s focusing on toenail fungus.


Toenail fungus is one condition people are embarrassed to discuss with their doctors.
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Effects of Onychomycosis: Toenail Fungus Is Long-Lasting & Psychologically Damaging

Toenail fungus will not kill you, but it sure can cause a lot of embarrassment and disruption to your daily life. One study found that the average duration for toenail fungus was 9.5 years! Granted, the study was done back in 1998, so there have been a few improvements made since then. For one, there are newer treatments, like laser toenail fungus removal. Secondly, you can use tools like the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to remove pathogens from your footwear to prevent nail fungus recurrence once you’ve been treated. Continue reading to find out what study respondents said about life with toenail fungus.

toenail fungus prevalence

Toenail fungus is as common as diabetes and depression.

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Social Media Gag Alert: Do All Your Facebook Friends Have Foot Fungus?

This week, one of my relatives wrote a Facebook status that said, “How do you get rid of foot fungus?” What luck! I thought. I write about this every single day! Finally, I can use all this knowledge to help someone I know! I was one of sixteen people who offered up suggestions, although mine was admittedly the most zealous…

FB status

Did you fall for a Facebook foot fungus gag recently?
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Once I saw another friend with the same status, the jig was up! Alas, it turns out I was tricked by one of the latest Facebook gags.

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What Are Amazon Reviewers Saying about The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer?

Amazon is a popular go-to source for just about every product one may be thinking about buying. Sometimes you can find great markdowns on the site as well. While we sell the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer for the exact same price directly through our website, you may be curious about what consumer reviewers have to say about the pathogen-killing device. In today’s post, we’ve summarized common threads from the 170 reviewers who weighed in.


Amazon is one of the largest online shopping marketplaces, and is also home to many reviews.
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Onychomycosis in Children: 3 Alternative Conditions Possibly Disguised as Toenail Fungus

Pediatricians, dermatologists and podiatrists are often alarmed at the number of children who arrive at their practices having been subjected to oral antifungal drugs and topical treatments for nail fungus, when it turns out they did not have nail fungus at all. Self-diagnosis mat not only be costly, but it exposes patients to a lot of unnecessary side effects and does not treat the real problem. According to Dr. Robert A. Silverman, a pediatric dermatologist at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, there are three conditions often mistaken for toenail fungus.

child foot infections

The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is a device that helps protect kids from toenail fungus recurrence and other foot infections.
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Onychomycosis in the Spotlight: Toenail Fungus Featured on Television Show "The Doctors"

Recently, the popular television show The Doctors had an episode about “awkward and embarrassing body problems.” There were audience members seeking advice on explosive diarrhea, bad tattoos of ex-boyfriends, lost tampons, and a woman with severe toenail fungus. While we may not particularly enjoy talking about these issues, the doctors wanted to make the point that patients should share their most embarrassing questions, concerns, and stories with health professionals in order to remain as healthy as possible.

the doctors tv

The Doctors is a popular syndicated show on day-time television.
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Protection for Tiny Toes: Fungal Nail Infections Increasing in Children

Toenail fungus is relatively uncommon in children, but recently pediatricians have been seeing a rise in young patients with foot fungus. They attribute the increased incidence of fungal nail infections in children to several factors. For starters, tiny tikes are often ambulating in closed-toe shoes, which trap heat and moisture to create the ideal breeding ground for fungal spores. Another underlying factor is the amount of foot trauma sustained by active children who are frequently outdoors playing sports. Also, some families have a genetic propensity to develop fungal nail infections. Very young children under two years of age may develop a fungal nail infection due to prematurity, immunocompromise, or Down Syndrome.

toenail fungus kids

Toenail fungus incidence is increasing among kids.
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Misconceptions Regarding Foot Conditions: Toenail Fungus Is Not Exclusive to Older Generations

“I have ugly toe nail fungus since almost 3 years now. I am just 31 years old and I heard that mostly old people get it,” writes an anonymous onychomycosis sufferer in the Berkeley Parents Network forum.  It’s a popular misconception that toenail fungus is an “old person’s condition.” The truth is, Americans old and young can get toenail fungus. While it’s not a life-threatening condition, the fact that toenail fungus affects 10% of the general population makes it a nuisance.

toenail fungus

Toenail fungus is especially popular among the elderly population, but it is not exclusive to people over 65.
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Your Dermatologist: A Surprisingly Affordable Specialist Who Can Help with Toenail Fungus

“Dermatologists provide care of higher quality and lower cost than comparable services by other health care professionals,” says the American Academy of Dermatology.  They add that skin diseases and dermatological conditions afflict nearly a third of the U.S. population and cost an estimated $34 million in economic loss to society each year. Did you know that dermatologists also specialize in the treatment of toenail fungus?

dermatologist nails

A dermatologist is one type of specialist who can counsel you on how to get rid of toenail fungus.
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Fungus Be Gone! 3 Essential Steps to Getting Fungus-Free Nails

Yellow, crumbling fungus nails are the bane of many people’s existence. “Having gross toenails is a real blow to the self-esteem of my patients,” says Dr. Rob Lamberts, MD. “For some reason, it really bothers people,” he adds — even though it won’t put anyone in the hospital and causes no pain. It seems no matter how much money people spend or what they do, their unsightly condition will not clear up!

It’s true that you will need to exercise patience until the fungus nail completely grows out — which could take up to a year, depending on how fast your nails grow. But the good news is that you can take these three steps to ensure that you are well on your way to enjoying fungus-free nails.

fungus free feet

Having fungus free nails will give you back your self confidence.
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