Nail Polish For Fungal Nails

Toenail fungus is an unsightly and often chronic condition that can last for years, so many people try to mask the yellow color and crumbling edges of fungal nails with toenail polish as they wait for the nail to clear. Unfortunately, using regular, commercial nail polish can be one reason why your toenail fungus infection isn’t clearing up.

Tanglewood Foot Specialists explains that chemicals in nail polish like toluene and formaldehyde “weakens the toenails and makes them more susceptible to developing a fungus infection.” Furthermore, The Mayo Clinic advises toenail fungus patients to “Give up nail polish and artificial nails” because “this can trap unwanted moisture and worsen the infection.” Instead, experts recommend using one of the natural antifungal toe nail polish brands instead.

antifungal nail polish

Dr.’s Remedy is one of the recommended brands of antifungal nail polish. Image Source:

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Cosmetic Treatment for Fungal Nails- Help Your Toes Appear Healthier for Summer

Toenail fungus is an ugly problem to have. A little bit of fungus may look similar to psoriasis or eczema on the nail. In its more advanced stages, onychomycosis thickens the nail, turns it from clear to yellow, and causes chalky crumbling along the edges. While the condition can be treated, any method you choose to rid yourself of the fungus is going to require a long time to improve the appearance of the nail. Even with laser toenail fungus removal, you still have to wait for the fungus nail to grow out and the healthy nail to come in. Waiting is much easier said than done, especially when summer rolls around, and you’re dying to swim, wear sandals, and get fresh air to your feet. There are, however, some cosmetic options for the aesthetic improvement of fungal nails.

rose on woman's feet

You may want to get those feet out by the pool this summer, but yellow fungal nails stand in the way. We list treatment options for you, although we believe prevention is the best cure.
Image Source: D Sharon Pruitt

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Health Insurance Obstacles: Toenail Fungus Considered a “Cosmetic” Issue and Not Included in Coverage

“I had Aetna tell me they wouldn’t pay for an anti-fungal prescription for my toenail fungus,” writes a reader of Truthout Magazine. The writer goes on to say that multiple appeals and biopsy results didn’t sway the insurance company to pay for an expensive medication, but they did concede that they would pay to have all the patient’s toenails surgically removed! Absurd stories like this are more common than you’d think because health insurers largely consider toenail fungus to be a “cosmetic” issue. We strongly disagree!

toenail fungus pills

Makers of toenail fungus medication are charging a fortune for their pills, but efficiency is questionable.

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Podiatrists and Sufferers Know Toenail Fungus Is More Than a "Cosmetic" Concern

Janet Murphy of Johnstown, Colorado loved to swim — that is, until she was sidelined with toenail fungus afflicting her two big toes. She was dismayed to learn that affordable “solutions” like tea tree oil didn’t work and medication carried the risk of liver damage. However, Janet was determined to rid herself of the unsightly – and potentially dangerous – fungus, leading her to seek laser treatment for her toenails.

toenail fungus laser

This photo by Mark Leffingwell shows a toenail fungus laser in action. Image Source:

For patients with similar stories, the PinPointe FootLaser treatment for toenail fungus is a beacon of hope. However, health insurance companies say that toenail fungus is merely a “cosmetic” issue, which is their rationale for refusing to cover treatment. Even though 81% of patients are said to show improvement with this treatment, patients have to pay around $950 out-of-pocket due to insurers’ misguided policies.

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Top Dermatologist Tips to Get Better-Looking Nails Now

Do you dream of healthy-looking nails? Tired of breaking, chewing, or hiding them?

healthy nails

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You’re wise to be concerned about the health of your nails, as they are a portal into the rest of the body. Unhealthy nails could mean you are suffering from some other malady. For instance, yellowed, crumbling nails are indicative of a fungal infection. People with diabetes or prior infections should always be vigilant about their nail health. The American Academy of Dermatology offers their insights for better-looking nails.

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Uses For Germicidal UV Light: Eliminate Nail Fungus & More!

Germicidal UV light has been in the news headlines a lot recently. A Denver Hospital reported the use of Xenex, a germicidal UV lamp robot that can kill a room full of harmful organisms in five to 10 minutes. Heating, ventilation and cooling contractors report that UV-C lights can provide more than 25% energy savings, boost airflow and extend the life of HVAC equipment. Researchers are using UV-C light to change lard, tallow, olive oil and waste canola oil into olefins used to make plastic. It’s amazing what this type of natural light can do! Find out how we’re using it to eliminate nail fungus…

uvc light

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Famous People Who’ve Had Athlete’s Foot & Fungal Nails

No one likes to admit they were frolicking barefoot in public and fell prey to a disgusting foot fungus! Yet, these conditions are so common that even the most idolized figures in society can contract, so you needn’t feel ashamed. Athlete’s foot affects one in 10 people in North America and toenail fungus is said to affect 14% of Americans. Check out some of the celebrities who have allegedly had tinea pedis or onychomycosis…

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