The Dysvascular Foot & How It Leads To Infection

A “dysvascular foot” refers to a foot that has a defective blood supply. This condition is most frequently found in diabetics, and is directly caused by chronic heightened blood sugar levels which cause nerve damage over time. This nerve damage is called “neuropathy.”

According to FW Wagner,  dysvascular patients make up 80% of the thousands of patients who undergo lower extremity amputations. He created a scale to help doctors figure out how to determine the severity of a patient’s foot infection. Hopefully you will keep a close eye on your diabetic foot hygiene, so you never have to worry about such trouble.

wagner scale

FW Wagner created a scale to help doctors determine the severity of a dysvascular diabetic foot. Image Source:

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A Cautionary Tale: California Man's Mismanaged Diabetes Nearly Costs Him a Foot

Rick Maina’s nightmare began when he stepped on a thumb tack in the garage. The 53-year-old said he wasn’t too worried at first. He treated it with antiseptic and went on with his life for the next month. Then, on Labor Day weekend, he wore a pair of flip-flops to the beach and noticed that his previously injured foot began to swell up. “I maybe picked up some bacteria in the sand, and that caused it to become infected,” he said. At the time, he had no idea that his Type 2 diabetes had caused nerve damage in his feet. This true story shows how diabetic foot infections can quickly spiral into serious trouble.

diabetic foot infection

Wearing flip-flops to the beach can spell disaster for an uncontrolled diabetic with a small puncture wound.
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