Fungus Alert: The Importance of Making Sure Your Nail Spa Is Up to Code

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a day at the spa. A little bit of pampering can make a person feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, some manicure and pedicure salons can leave visitors with unwanted side effects that last weeks, months, or even years. Though rare, fungal infections stem from unsanitary practices and contaminated equipment. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the prevalence of fungus in salons and how to tell if your local spa is up to code.

nail salon fungus

Pedicures are a great way to pamper yourself — but only if your salon is up to code!
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Just “Plane” Gross: What You Can Do to Beat Germs During Air Travel

As summer kicks into high gear, many people will be taking to the skies for vacation getaways. We’ll be the first to admit we don’t particularly love traveling by plane. While it gets us from here to there in record time, there can be a lot of hassles, from baggage fees to the icky shoe removal policy while going through security. Now researchers have a new reason for us to loathe air travel. Research shows that infectious, disease-causing bacteria and airplane germs can live for weeks on most airplane surfaces.

plane taking off

Find out where germs lurk on planes and how long they live.
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Rising Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes Prompts Emphasis on Child Foot Care

Type 1 diabetes cases skyrocketed 21% from 2000 to 2009, according to a new study presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies’ meeting in Vancouver, Canada, this month. Similarly, the rate of Type 2 diabetes associated with obesity jumped more than 30% during that time. Nationwide, there are nearly 167,000 children with Type 1 diabetes and over 20,000 with Type 2 diabetes. “Every new case means a lifetime burden of difficult and costly treatment and higher risk of early, serious complications,” said study author Dana Dabelea from the Colorado School of Public Health. Foot ulcers can be one of these complications, but not if you follow our child foot care advice.

diabetes epidemic

The incidence of Type I and II diabetes is increasing among children.
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April Is National Foot Health Awareness Month- Tips on Caring for Your Feet

You know your friends — your feet. They get you everywhere you need to go, whether it’s down a flight of stairs to the laundry room, over to the copying machine at work, across the mall for holiday shopping, or around the park for leisure. They’re arguably the most underrated part of the body. We are always bombarded with talk about “heart health” and “skin health,” but let’s not forget about foot health. It may be the end of the month, but it’s not too late to review a few key points for National Foot Health Awareness Month.

foot health

April is National Foot Health Awareness Month.
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The Importance of Close Examination: 7 Signs Your Feet May Be in Trouble

When was the last time you looked at your feet? We’re not just talking about noticing that your toenail polish could use replacing — but rather, when was the last time you really examined your feet from top to bottom? You can think of the feet as a snapshot of your total body health. If you have some sort of systemic problem going on, the signs could manifest in your feet. They also act as fortune tellers, revealing what might happen if you don’t take a minute to pamper them right away! In this article, we’ll discuss a few signs you might look for as an indication of your overall health.

foot inspection

Have you taken the time to really look at your feet today? Image Source:

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Best Practices for Foot Health: 3 Methods for Proper Hygiene

It’s easy to take our feet for granted, since they tend to be “out of sight, out of mind” body parts. However, caring for the feet is essential to our quality of life. We cannot remain active and self-sufficient if we are unable to walk, work, engage in hobbies, or get around. Injured feet can lead to improper gait, which can — in turn — lead to falls or pain elsewhere in the body. The Institute for Preventive Foot Health recommends three methods of employing good foot hygiene to remain healthy and active for years to come.

healthy feet

Maintaining healthy feet will keep you active for years to come.
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Foot Health in Your Golden Years: 3 Ways Aging Affects Feet

Aging doesn’t just cause wrinkles in your brow, brittle fingernails, or aches in your back. Did you know that 80% of people over age 60 have some sort of problem with their feet? Most parts of the body shrink as we age, but the feet are one exception. In fact, a person can gain half a shoe size every decade after age 40, says Dr. Steven Pribut, a podiatrist at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

aging feet

Will your feet age gracefully?
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Flip Flops: A Danger to Your Health? Popular Footwear Provides Haven for Bacteria

The snow is falling in many parts of the country in February, so flip-flops are but a distant memory for some people. Yet, our company, Shoe Care Innovations, is based out of Redwood City, California, so we can pretty much slip into a pair of flops year-round. Beach bums just can’t get enough of this lackadaisical style of shoe. However, podiatrists warn that flip flops can be a dangerous choice, according to an MSNBC health report.

dangers of flip flops

Some of us never pack our flip-flops away… and we are most at risk of picking up a pathogen!
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Yellow Nails: Toenail Fungus or Onychatrophia?

Onychatrophia is one of the conditions nail technicians look out for in their salons. This fancy word describes damage to the nail matrix that causes the nails to waste away. The Clarion explains, “When a nail is atrophied, it loses its healthy look, begins to shrink in size, and may eventually wither away all  together.” If left untreated, the nail will die. Often times, onychatrophia is believed to be toenail fungus.

nail atrophy

Damage to the nail matrix cells can lead to full nail atrophy and loss.
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News Flash: Yoga Mats Are Cesspools of Fungus and Bacteria!

“Do you do yoga?” That is the first question Long Island College Hospital podiatrist Greg E. Cohen asks women who come to him with embarrassing, persistent foot infections. In two years’ time, Dr. Cohen told the NY Times he had seen a 50% spike in patients with athlete’s foot and plantar warts — primarily due to dirty exercise mats. While there aren’t any known studies linking viruses, fungus and bacteria to shared gym equipment, many foot care professionals are making their own unofficial connections. Most people know enough to wear flip-flops in public showers and locker rooms, but they don’t even think twice about putting bare feet down onto communal yoga mats.

yoga feet

Yoga can be relaxing and body sculpting, but it can also be a way to pick up nasty foot fungus if you’re not careful! Image Source:

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