The Healing Wonders of Moose Saliva: Could It Be a Legit Foot Fungus Treatment?

Moose are interesting animals. Like camels, they are particularly slobbery creatures. Yet, this excess saliva has an unusual benefit for the animal, York University biologist Dawn Bazely told the CBCApparently, moose saliva helps reduce the amount of fungus picked up from the vegetation it eats. Some of their favorite grazing plants use fungi for self-protection — and too much fungi makes a moose sick. Can moose saliva be used in foot fungus treatments one day? Perhaps!

foot fungus saliva

Can a moose help to cure foot fungus? Scientists explore.
Image Source: Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via

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Don’t Let Foot Fungus Spoil Your Summer Fun: Learn How to Spot and Treat Problems Today

The scenarios are all too common. The kids are playing outside in bathing suits and a kiddie pool; your little one stubs a toe. You’re gardening in the backyard, enjoying the feel of the cool grass on your bare feet, and then you drop a trowel on the top of your toenail. There are limitless ways to injure a foot outdoors in the summer, but the real danger comes weeks later — when bacteria and fungi creep into the open wound and cause summer-spoiling infection.

kid feet on beach

Don’t let foot fungus ruin your family’s summer plans. Get a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to help prevent infection.
Image source: Flickr user Angela GS

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Social Media Gag Alert: Do All Your Facebook Friends Have Foot Fungus?

This week, one of my relatives wrote a Facebook status that said, “How do you get rid of foot fungus?” What luck! I thought. I write about this every single day! Finally, I can use all this knowledge to help someone I know! I was one of sixteen people who offered up suggestions, although mine was admittedly the most zealous…

FB status

Did you fall for a Facebook foot fungus gag recently?
Image Source:

Once I saw another friend with the same status, the jig was up! Alas, it turns out I was tricked by one of the latest Facebook gags.

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Biology Professor Hopes To Cure Athlete's Foot With Probiotic Solution

Back in May, we wrote about how athlete’s foot fungus was killing off frogs in Central America and the Caribbean. Since 2002, James Madison University biology professor Reid Harris has been working with probiotics to see if he can kill off the bad bacteria with good bacteria. Faculty assistant Eria Rebollar explains that the fungus infects frogs by growing inside the amphibians’ skin and eats away at the outer layer, affecting the frog’s ability to breathe.

frog fungus

Chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) spreading through the streams of Central America has been killing off many species of frogs, including this lemur leaf frog. Image Source:

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Lamisil Liver Damage Lawsuits on the Rise

Big pharmaceutical companies can’t always be trusted to have our best interests at heart, as we saw in the recent whistleblower lawsuit with Boehringer Ingelheim. The company paid out $95 million for defrauding Medicare and aggressively encouraging off-label uses for their product, so they could churn a bigger profit. The same can be said of drugs used to treat common foot problems, such as athlete’s foot. Lamisil liver damage is one of the recent claims under increased scrutiny by the FDA and other government agencies around the world.

Lamisil lawsuit

Image Source:

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