Say Goodbye to Fungal Freeloaders: Examining Candida, Symptoms, and Treatment

In elementary school, we learn about symbiotic relationships: the lamprey that cleans debris off the shark; the bio-luminescent bacteria that attracts food for the anglerfish; the bees that pollinate the flowers. We tend to think of ourselves as autonomous beings, but — just as you are comprised of cells and genes — you are also comprised of microscopic organisms from your environment. Sometimes these trillions of microbes help us, such as the case of the one kilogram of intestinal “good” bacteria. Yet, other times, the parasites take advantage of their kindly hosts, causing them harm.

candida diet

You can see the spores of candida albicans in this image.

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Foot Hygiene: 3 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Cut Your Cuticles

Cutting or pushing down nail cuticles used to be standard practice in nail salons because it provided a more aesthetically pleasing look. A cuticle is the part of the skin tissue at the base of the nail that seals the nail to the skin. Some people have a nervous habit to pick at this area, since these little pieces of skin tend to catch on fabrics, thus calling attention to themselves. However, the practice of trimming cuticles is falling by the wayside as increased awareness about foot hygiene is spreading.

cuticle trimming

Do you trim your cuticles? You should consider refraining from this practice.
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The Importance of Close Examination: 7 Signs Your Feet May Be in Trouble

When was the last time you looked at your feet? We’re not just talking about noticing that your toenail polish could use replacing — but rather, when was the last time you really examined your feet from top to bottom? You can think of the feet as a snapshot of your total body health. If you have some sort of systemic problem going on, the signs could manifest in your feet. They also act as fortune tellers, revealing what might happen if you don’t take a minute to pamper them right away! In this article, we’ll discuss a few signs you might look for as an indication of your overall health.

foot inspection

Have you taken the time to really look at your feet today? Image Source:

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Take Strides to Protect Your Feet: 3 Reasons Diabetics Should Invest in Shoe Orthoses

People with diabetes can achieve the best possible health by managing the various risks they face. Poor circulation is one complication caused by elevated blood sugars. This condition makes it more difficult for wounds to heal — particularly wounds in the lower extremities.

Another complication — nerve damage — makes it possible for slow-healing wounds to go undetected for long periods of time. During this time, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can easily infect the wound. We wash our clothes daily, but fail to follow any regular protocol for our footwear — and yet, this dark, damp, warm environment is where pathogens like to procreate most.

To avoid dangerous diabetic foot infections resulting in hospitalization, surgery, and/or amputation, we recommend preventing foot wounds with orthoses and preventing microbial buildup with a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer.

diabetic orthoses

There are several different types of orthoses to choose from.
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Flip Flops: A Danger to Your Health? Popular Footwear Provides Haven for Bacteria

The snow is falling in many parts of the country in February, so flip-flops are but a distant memory for some people. Yet, our company, Shoe Care Innovations, is based out of Redwood City, California, so we can pretty much slip into a pair of flops year-round. Beach bums just can’t get enough of this lackadaisical style of shoe. However, podiatrists warn that flip flops can be a dangerous choice, according to an MSNBC health report.

dangers of flip flops

Some of us never pack our flip-flops away… and we are most at risk of picking up a pathogen!
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Is Your Scent Caused by Your DNA? 5 Surprising Causes of Body Odor

Body odor happens to the best of us at some point or another. Yet, for some Americans, foot and underarm stench is a daily bother. It’s the root of unhappiness, the cause of public paranoia, and a source of raw embarrassment. We’re talking about people who shower regularly, who wear deodorant, who do laundry — and yet, despite their best efforts, they still manage to produce a foul odor that offends those around them. Read on to learn about five lesser-mentioned causes of body odor.

cause of odor

Peppy Le Pew is a notorious stinker, but it’s pretty obvious what makes him smell bad! People are not always so easy to figure out.
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5 Ways To Keep Dangerous Germs Out Of Your Home

The home should be a place of respite and peace — not a revolting place full of bacteria, fungus and illness-causing germs. While it’s true that not all types of bacteria constitute as “pathogens,” wouldn’t you rather live in a sanitary environment if you could? There are a few guidelines for the industrious homemaker to keep in mind to ensure that contact with dangerous germs is kept to a minimum, with the goal that the family remains as healthy as possible.

household germs

Dangerous germs can lurk in the most unlikeliest places. Image Source:

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Sexy Or Sinful: 5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are extremely popular, with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, Rihanna, and Kate Hudson sporting them. A tattooed foot can look sexy when peeking out of a high heel shoe, but it’s important to remember that a fresh tattoo constitutes as an “open wound,” which can spell disaster if a bacterial or fungal foot infection grabs hold. Here we’ll discuss this and four other matters to consider before getting your foot tattoo.

foot tattoo

Foot tattoos can be very fashionable when paired with a nice set of heels, but buyer beware: they can also be a portal for infection!
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News Flash: Yoga Mats Are Cesspools of Fungus and Bacteria!

“Do you do yoga?” That is the first question Long Island College Hospital podiatrist Greg E. Cohen asks women who come to him with embarrassing, persistent foot infections. In two years’ time, Dr. Cohen told the NY Times he had seen a 50% spike in patients with athlete’s foot and plantar warts — primarily due to dirty exercise mats. While there aren’t any known studies linking viruses, fungus and bacteria to shared gym equipment, many foot care professionals are making their own unofficial connections. Most people know enough to wear flip-flops in public showers and locker rooms, but they don’t even think twice about putting bare feet down onto communal yoga mats.

yoga feet

Yoga can be relaxing and body sculpting, but it can also be a way to pick up nasty foot fungus if you’re not careful! Image Source:

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Olive Farmer Discovers Super Sanitizer: Can It Treat Foot Fungus Too?

Several years ago, Merritt Erickson of Orland, California was an olive and almond farmer looking for a better way to kill botulism and preserve his fresh olives. He developed a revolutionary new sanitizer along with his friend and colleague, Dr. James Postma, a professor of biochemistry at California State University at Chico. They called the sanitizer “Organic Chico Wash” and obtained FDA approval to clean produce and wash cow teats. However, the team believes the application of their discovery can be much more far-reaching — treating warts, foot fungus, and ringworm as well.

organic chico wash

Merritt Erickson has developed a super sanitizer for agriculture with possible cosmetic applications as well.
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