Innovations for Health: Can a Body Dryer Help You Prevent Athlete’s Foot Fungus?

A futuristic new gadget promises to revolutionize the bathroom as we know it. The Body Dryer may look like an ordinary bathroom scale — and it is a weight scale… but it’s also a body dryer that eliminates the need for bath towels. Can this help people who suffer from chronic athlete’s foot infections? We think it just might.

body dryer

The Body Dryer may put an end to unsanitary towels once and for all.

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Diagnosis Help Desk: Is It Athlete’s Foot or Dry Skin?

“I’d say 70% of cases — what they think is dry skin — is actually athlete’s foot,” says Sima Soltani DPM, a professor of surgery at George Washington University Medical Center. He adds that many patients go to a podiatrist after several years of unsuccessfully treating their “dry skin.”

The differences between a foot fungus and scaly, dry patches can be subtle. Web MD says that “athlete’s foot can look different in each person” — with some people experiencing peeling and cracking between the toes, while others have dryness or redness on the soles of their feet. We’ll give you a few ways of detecting just what you’re dealing with and treating the condition accordingly.

dry feet

Here is a case of dry feet. Notice the lack of redness, blisters, or pattern.
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Genetic Deficiency Linked To Athlete’s Foot & Deadly Fungal Infection

Most people who come down with athlete’s foot infection simply go to the drugstore and wait a few weeks for it to clear up. However, there are some cases where the fungal infection spreads below the surface of the skin to the lymph nodes, bones, digestive tract, brain, and other skin surfaces. Though it is a relatively rare condition, researchers at The Rockefeller University and Necker Medical School in Paris have identified the genetic culprit behind this mechanism.

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