Battling Athlete’s Foot: Understanding Tinea Pedis and Examining Various Treatments

Athlete’s foot is an annoying malady, to say the least. It can also become costly to treat. The cost of treating a bout of athlete’s foot can range from $9 to $85, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. What you pay depends upon a myriad of factors, including the type of infection, the severity, the type of medication purchased, and where you buy it. Given the expense, it’s not surprising that many people would rather find an affordable home remedy for athlete’s foot than pay the pharmacist. Yet, you are probably wondering… are these treatments worth your time?

athlete's foot fungus

There are many different products that can treat athlete’s foot fungus infections.

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Never Forget the Shower Shoes: 3 Tips for Preventing Foot Fungus in College

Fox News mentions mold and athlete’s foot fungus as two of the nine “health hazards hidden in college dorms.” Any time you gather together many different people from many different places into a communal sleeping and bathing environment, you’re bound to find a few contagious microbes.

Back in 2011, two Maryland dorm rooms became so badly infested with mold that students had to live on a lavish cruise ship! All fungal outbreaks don’t end so well, though. Often, treatment is long, aggravating, and expensive, so it’s best to prevent foot fungus in college if you can.

dorm shower

Dorm bathrooms and showers can harbor a lot of harmful bacteria and fungus.
Image Source: Flickr user David Lai

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