Are Paws Dirtier Than Shoes? A Dog Lover's Guide to a Cleaner, More Sanitary Home

A few weeks ago, we published a piece on shoe etiquette in which we briefly mentioned what to do if you have dogs in your home, but want to enforce a “no shoe” policy with guests. It can seem like a contradiction — a clean home… with dogs?! So we wanted to follow up and write more on this topic, since many of our readers probably love their furry friends as much as we do — yet also want to maintain a clean, sanitary home for their families.

muddy dog paws

No one wants to see muddy paws on their floors, let alone think about what kind of germs are tracked indoors on a dog’s paws!
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Shoe Shopping Tips for Diabetics: How to Choose the Best Shoes & Orthotics for Your Feet

For so many people, shoe shopping is one of life’s great joys, and yet so many of us take our footwear choices for granted. When we go shoe shopping, we’re more concerned with the color, the heel height, or whether the style is in fashion than we are with the level of support the shoes provide. However, for people with diabetes, choosing the right shoes can be a literal life-saver, and shopping for the right footwear can feel like a chore.

Proper and sanitary footwear is essential for people with diabetes, no matter what stage you’re in. Even the slightest degree of neuropathy can be troubled by the wrong shoe choice. One of the roles of a podiatrist is to ensure that you have the best possible shoes to protect your feet, so you can prevent serious foot complications like infection and amputation. Thankfully, we have some helpful advice to guide you in your shoe shopping.

diabetic shoes

Some people think Dr. Comfort shoes for diabetics are unsightly, but they are reported to be one of the more comfortable choices for diabetics. Image Source:

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