Shoe Odor: Sweaty, Smelly Feet Lead To Big Problems On Subway

Having sweaty, smelly feet is a terrible embarrassment — even around the people you feel most comfortable with, like friends and family. But what about when you’re riding mass transit on the subway or buses? If you think people aren’t noticing your offensive foot odor, guess again! The following tales highlight just how pervasive and downright irritating smelly feet can be on the metro.

Gothamist Rips Into Barefoot Subway Rider

“Putting your feet up on the subway seats is a violation of the MTA code of conduct, and the NYPD is known to issue summonses to transgressors. But taking off your shoes or sandals seems even more inconsiderate—do we really need your potentially smelly feet shoved in our faces or making direct contact with the seat?” asks John Del Signore, writing for Gothamist this summer. He also brings up the point: “Do you have any idea what ELSE has touched that seat?”

“Stinky Feet Guy” Added To BART Subway “Idiot Hall of Fame”

Across the country, San Francisco is having many of the same problems with smelly feet flaunted around the subway trains. The caption for this BART Subway Idiot Hall of Fame entry says: “Look at the reflection of the guy across from Mr. Stinky Feet – he’s gagging!”

MCKB & Tok Moffat Wrote A Song About Smelly Feet On The DC Metro

Despite the fact that this song is downright terrible (even for fans of the Lonely Island and Anton Dobson remixes), the offensive foot odor of the DC metro was bad enough to inspire an entire song about it! “Why does the metro smell like feet?” begins MCKB. “By the time the doors close, the odor hits my nose like a wet sock on a wet dog.” Tok Moffat adds, “I gotta find somethin’ to amuse me, hopin’ that the smell won’t abuse me.” Clearly, they are obsessed with the odor of public transit! More than likely, it can and will be traced back to you.

It’s Offensive and Embarrassing… But What Can You Do??

Now we don’t recommend that you do what a Monroe, Washington woman did… which is stab a guy who criticized her smelly feet. Let’s face it: two years in jail for assault is just no fun at all! Instead, we recommend treating the root cause of foot odor.

The first cause of foot odor is SWEAT. While you can’t help the fact that you have 250,000 sweat glands on your feet, you can change out of sweaty, smelly socks halfway through the day, use absorbent foot powders, put cedar insoles into your shoes, wear more breathable shoes, switch to moisture-wicking socks, and look for ways to cut down on stress. (Remember, sandals are generally a better option than sweaty sock feet!)

The second cause of smelly feet is BACTERIA. Sweat in itself doesn’t smell, but the byproduct of bacteria feasting, defecating and reproducing in your shoes does! Yuck! The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is a “must-own” product for anyone suffering from foot odor. In just 45 minutes, our germicidal UV lamp device kills up to 99.9% of the bacteria, fungus and microbes harbored in your footwear. The fewer living bacteria you have in your shoes, the less scent they give off. It’s not always possible to clean your shoes through conventional methods, so the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer is the only way to truly cleanse and sanitize your most heavily-worn apparel.

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