One Direction: One Hot Band… With Smelly Feet?!

English-Irish pop wonders One Direction are all the rage among adolescent girls these days. Their dreamy accents and boyish good looks built them a $50 million empire by June 2012. You may know their hit singles “Live While We’re Young” and “What Makes You Beautiful,” but did you know that at least one of these dreamboats has notoriously smelly feet?

Harry Styles: The Smelliest Bandmate

Bandmate Zayn Malik recently dished the dirt on Harry Styles. Sometimes the tour bus smells downright rank, he explains. “I don’t think there’s enough money on this earth that would make me sniff Harry’s socks!” Malik says, adding: “If someone gave you £5,000, would you sniff Harry’s socks? Oh no! You don’t want to sniff Harry’s socks!” The Inquisitr remarks that this revelation is somewhat surprising, considering Louis Tomlinson is the bandmate who famously prances around in shoes without socks. Yet, in this interview, Louis does quickly admit that he, too, has smelly feet. Fortunately for them, their fame and fanfare makes this little detail something that most screaming girls would be willing to put up with.

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Not Everyone Can Parade Around Town With Smelly Feet.

Yet, for the rest of us “average blokes,” smelly feet can be a deal-breaker. It’s embarrassing to visit someone’s house and note that everyone left their shoes at the door — but feel petrified that the stench of your socks will be worse than tracking a little dirt into the house. It’s a terror to be on a date and reveal the stinky nature of your feet to someone you hope to impress. It’s pretty bad when the smell of your own feet makes you queasy and turns your house into a garbage dump. While there are many products on the market to treat foot odor, many of these items merely “mask” the pungency — rather than actually treating the root cause of the stench. This masking technique can only work so long before eau de limburger punches the nostrils once again.

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The Best Cures For Smelly Feet Kill Bacteria and Decrease Sweat.

Bacteria is the culprit behind that terrible foot smell. You can limit the bacteria by sanitizing the shoe with a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer that works like the germicidal UV lamps hospitals use. You can also be sure to scrub the feet with antibacterial soap daily and aim to keep the feet as dry as possible by choosing breathable shoes and socks. You’d be amazed by how much sweat your feet produce in a day. Bacteria loves to be in dark, damp, closed shoes. You can decrease sweat by using an antiperspirant called Drysol, getting injections of Botox, or adding a little bit of powder to your footwear. It’s time to free yourself from smelly feet!

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