Japanese Robots Detect Smelly Feet

Kaori-chan may look beautiful with her brown hair and blue eyes… but looks can be deceiving. This particular robot is just straight-up rude! If you speak to her with bad breath, she will say, “No way! I can’t stand it!” — or, worse yet, “There’s an emergency taking place that’s beyond the limit of patience!”

If you think that sounds strange, consider that she has a pet dog who is just as snarky. Shuntaro-kun sniffs out smelly feet, all while playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in the background. He may cuddle up to you if you have particularly delightful feet — or he may bark, growl and pass out if you greet him with smelly shoes.

Japanese robots

Image Source: WeirdAsiaNews.com

 Who Invented These Bad Breath & Smelly Feet Detecting Robots?

The Japanese robots were built by a group of pranksters from Fukuoka called “CrazyLabo,” in conjunction with scientists at the Kitakyushu National College of Technology. To develop the robots’ four-point “stink scale,” ten students wore the same pair of socks for two days and ate stinky foods like garlic and fermented soybeans. The robots have a commercially available odor sensor implanted into them, connected with a small computer system. Three months into the making, the start-up debuted the robots in February, with plans to take them on tour and lease them to the public.

Why Have Robots That Can Smell?

CrazyLabo president Kennosuke Tsutsumi said the idea came to him when he visited the Tohoku region of Japan following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It really hit him that the people here needed something to cheer them up, he said. His family had always complained about his bad breath and smelly feet, which gave him the idea on just how to make them smile.

“I want to continue to produce things that make people laugh and create a good atmosphere,” said Tsutsumi. The company is currently developing a robot whose nose grows longer like Pinocchio when people tell lies, he added.

smelly feet

Image Source: Troy3220.DeviantArt.com

What Does This Mean For You?

The last thing you want are these creepy robots calling you out on your body odor. We can’t do much about stinky breath, but our SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is a good weapon to help remove stink from shoes. With just a 45-minute treatment, you can kill up to 99.9% of the harmful bacteria, fungus and microbes that contribute to smelly feet. You’ll also need to take steps to limit the amount of sweat your feet produce (like wearing the right sock material and breathable shoes), but a shoe sanitizer is the one of the latest remedies for smelly feet that technology has to offer.

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