How To Prevent Sweaty Feet On Your Wedding Day

As your big day approaches, you may be worried about choosing the right music playlist, finalizing the seating chart, or getting the perfect photos… but what about sweaty feet?? Your wedding day will involve a lot of standing, dancing and walking — and we all know how unforgiving tights and dress shoes can be! Think about it: do you really want to be that bride who whips her tights and shoes off to dance barefoot on the filthy floor before the night’s end? Here are some tips to help you survive.

Open-Toe Hosiery.

While it may seem like tights invite sweat, many people say that hosiery allows their feet to breathe better and absorbs some of the sweat. There are brands like Venosan Ultima or Zodee, which offer moisture-wicking materials and functional footwear from hosiery to footlets.


Drysol is widely recommended by sufferers of sweaty feet. Aluminum chloride treatments could cause rashes in some people, so be sure you test this out well before your wedding day to avoid red, itchy, irritated feet!

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You may find that your feet slip around too much when deodorant is applied. In that case, a little bit of Gold Bond foot powder may be enough to absorb sweat and keep your feet smelling relatively fresh — even if they do feel a little weird.


It may sound crazy, but some women report that they’ve used thin pantyliners to soak up excess sweat.

Summer Soles.

The International Hyperhidrosis Society approves of this clinically-proven shoe insert that cuts down on foot sweat. Their “Fragrant Footings” come scented with jasmine and mint, so your feet smell fresh all day long. The Ultra Absorbent style affixes to the shoe with a removable peel-n-stick adhesive. You can find cushioned insoles, as well as suede insoles. They come in many fashionable colors and prints, so you can add them to any shoe. They are available in select stores or you can buy them online.

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Keeping your feet free from sweat is one thing. You also want your feet to be odor-freeIf you’ve worn your shoes a lot to break them in and avoid blisters before your wedding day, you should definitely run them through a cycle of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer before wearing them again. Sweat may cause discomfort, but it is odorless. It’s the bacteria, fungus and microbes lurking within your footwear that causes the malodorous stench. Destroying the build-up of microbes in your shoes is one of the best ways to maintain good hygiene and keep your feet fresh, germ-free and ready to tackle all of life’s challenges, whether you’re going out dancing or tying the knot!

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