5 Worst Places To Be Caught With Foul Foot Odor… And How to Fix It!

If you live alone in an apartment… and no one is there to smell your rancid feet… do you really have rancid feet at all? Now there is a quandary to ponder! The truth is, foul foot odor is an unpleasant situation, whether you live alone and suffer the smell of your own putrid socks every day after work, or you find yourself in the company of others who may not yet know about your dirty little secret. We imagine the five worst places to be caught with stinky feet and offer a few remedies for smelly feet to help you endure.

1. The Movies

“No, no, I swear that’s not MY feet… must be the smell of artificial butter popcorn!” 

Moviefone blogger Annette Bourdeau says she will only sit in the very back row of movie theaters these days. “Why? Because apparently etiquette has gone out the window,” she says, adding that it grosses her out how people kick their shoes off and put their stinky feet up on the chairs behind her. “When did this become acceptable behavior?” she wonders.

Even if you’re not one of the people who feel so inclined to kick off your smelly shoes in the theater, being in such close proximity to others can be nerve-wracking if you’re still searching for a cure for smelly feet. Changing into a fresh pair of socks just before the show is a necessity. You should also probably do something about those garbage disposals you call shoes. Forty-five minutes with the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is all it takes to kill off the stinking bacteria, fungus, and microbes that have been living there for who-knows-how-long.

 2. The Elevator

“Don’t mind me… I’ll just be getting off  at the next floor.”

Los Angeles portrait painter Helena Randall found someone’s shoe odor to be so offensive that she incorporated her unsavory experience into a blog entry about Easter. “I think someone had a Stinky Foot Party in the elevator,” she said. “Seriously, it was the most hardcore foot odor I have ever smelt!” she added.

The elevator already conjures up claustrophobia, but being trapped amid foot odor makes it almost unbearable. In a confined space, you will become more aware of how sopping-wet bacteria tends to permeate the air. The anxiety of such a situation will likely make you sweat more, thus saturating your shoe stink. To combat hyperhidrosis foot sweat, you may consider getting Botox injections in your feet to limit the sweat produced. There are also products like Gold Bond foot powder, Drysol antiperspirant, and fragrant Summer Soles shoe inserts.

3. Public Transit

“Sure, burying my head in this newspaper will hide the sideways looks I’m getting.”

A previous post covered a few of the foot odor mentions in pop culture. Gothamist lamented bare, smelly feet propped up on subway cars, while BART Subway posted a photo of a foot odor offender in their “Idiot Hall of Fame” column. A couple rappers even wrote a song about smelly feet on the subway. If you thought no one noticed your shoe musk, think again!

Many people commute to and from work on public transit, so it can be a stinky situation. Check the material of your shoes and socks. Breathable materials are best. You want to wear real, genuine leather — rather than plastic or some other newfangled fake leather. You also want to stick with high-performance socks that absorb sweat and dry quickly.

4. Work

“I guess I can kiss that raise goodbye. No one wants to be in a board room meeting with Mr. Stinkfoot.”

A desperate mother wrote to Thrifty Fun, wondering what her son could do about his smelly feet trapped inside steel-toe work boots. Even if you’re outside on a construction site all day where the smell can dissipate into the air, your family will be in for a rude awakening when you come home and kick those boots off.

Avoid resentment by investing in the proper tools. A boot dryer will prevent your feet from getting too wet, which amplifies the smell. Other readers recommend crystal spray deodorants, lemongrass/verbena oil, wearing wool socks, and placing baking soda in the shoes. Remember, the SteriShoe UVC light zaps odor-causing bacteria dead in its tracks.

dining barefoot

Keep your feet odor-free when you come home from work. Image Source: TheSweetestOccasion.com

5. A Restaurant Date

“Would you like a little cheese with that wine, honey?”

We “dress to impress” on dates, but what can you do when your feet are downright revolting? Nothing is more unappetizing than the smell of feet when you’re trying to enjoy a nice meal. Unless you’re eating limburger cheese and Fritos, foot odor at dinner simply won’t do!

In Japan, it is customary to remove your shoes at dinner. However, in recent years, stinky feet have sabotaged this cultural tradition. Some business owners say self-conscious women refuse to remove their boots to come into a restaurant, for fear of smelly feet. This trend prompted one business man to invent minty shoe insoles that cancel out foot odor for six months.

The Bottom Line On Foul Foot Odor:

You don’t have to suffer the embarrassment! Try the solutions mentioned today and get  yourself a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to put a stop to bacterial growth in your footwear!

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