Podiatrists and Sufferers Know Toenail Fungus Is More Than a "Cosmetic" Concern

Janet Murphy of Johnstown, Colorado loved to swim — that is, until she was sidelined with toenail fungus afflicting her two big toes. She was dismayed to learn that affordable “solutions” like tea tree oil didn’t work and medication carried the risk of liver damage. However, Janet was determined to rid herself of the unsightly – and potentially dangerous – fungus, leading her to seek laser treatment for her toenails.

toenail fungus laser

This photo by Mark Leffingwell shows a toenail fungus laser in action. Image Source: DailyCamera.com

For patients with similar stories, the PinPointe FootLaser treatment for toenail fungus is a beacon of hope. However, health insurance companies say that toenail fungus is merely a “cosmetic” issue, which is their rationale for refusing to cover treatment. Even though 81% of patients are said to show improvement with this treatment, patients have to pay around $950 out-of-pocket due to insurers’ misguided policies.

Toenail Fungus Is Not Just “Cosmetic”

Janet’s laser treatment podiatrist, Jim Anderson, makes it clear that removing foot fungus is not just “cosmetic.” People with poor circulation or diabetes can develop a serious infection or ingrown toenail that could potentially lead to amputation.

toenail fungus danger

Diabetic patients can suffer very serious consequences if their toenail fungus goes untreated. Image Source: DrGeldwert.com

People with toenail fungus are also at greater risk of coming down with a serious bacterial skin infection called cellulitis, he adds. Fungal infections among the elderly and immuno-suppressed can spread throughout the body, causing all kinds of complications.

On top of all that, toenail fungus can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Toenails have been known to actually fall off when they become so diseased that they loosen from the nail beds. Ugliness aside, the toenails are there to protect the feet from infection, so it truly can be a dangerous health issue.

Why Laser Toenail Fungus Treatment Is Best

Even though there are major health concerns associated with toenail fungus, it is ultimately the cosmetic reasons that drive most people to seek a cure, regardless of the cost. Ugly yellow, crumbled nails are so hideous most people would do anything to fix them. Some people have tried so-called “natural toenail fungus treatments” like bleach, mouthwash, and vinegar — even though there is no proof these folk remedies actually work. Some people see their doctors for liver panel tests and ongoing monitoring while taking an oral prescription like Lamisil.

Comparatively, laser toenail fungus treatment is an easier option for patients. There is no daily medication to take or daily nail lacquer to apply. Patients simply show up for a 45-minute treatment at a laser nail clinic. A beam of pulsating light penetrates the nail bed and kills the fungi at the root, while leaving the surrounding tissue in tact. Often, people report a slight clearing of the nail, but — like any treatment — they must ultimately wait until the fungus nail grows out and the healthy nail grows in.

laser treatment for nail fungus

You may not have truly clear nails today, but laser treatment for nail fungus is, by far, the easiest solution. Image Source: BeFungusFree.com

Laser Nail Fungus Patients Also Invest In SteriShoe Shoe Sanitizers

If you’re going to shell out the $1,000 or so for laser toenail treatment, you should probably take steps to prevent reinfection. Fungal spores tend to get everywhere and thrive for months on end. People generally clean their feet and wash their socks, but what about your shoes? Do you need to throw out all your old footwear that is now contaminated with fungus? We say “NO!” A 45-minute UV light treatment is all it takes to kill all fungal spores and help you recover without fear of contracting chronic toenail fungus again.

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