UV Light Disinfects Hospitals, Cleans Water and Sanitizes Shoes

The sun’s UV light sometimes gets a bad rap due to concerns about “radiation.” In the summer months, we slather on sunblock to avoid these powerful UV rays. Yet, man has come up with a number of safe ways to harness ultraviolet light for practical purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss three emerging uses for UV technology that you may not know about.

uv light

UV light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Image Source: Imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/

UV Light In Hospitals

According to Health Tech Zonehospitals are using a device by Xenex Disinfection Services to “burn off the germs, viruses and other bacteria that accumulate within an active hospital room with intense ultraviolet radiation in an extremely short period of time.” Xenex explains that UV-C energy gets absorbed by a microorganism’s DNA, RNA and proteins. The UV-C then fuses strands of DNA together, making it impossible for the organism to replicate and spread infection.

Utilizing such a system saves hospitals considerable money by reducing the rates of infection. The San Antonio Herald cites two studies that show 53-56% decreases in C. diff and MRSA infections after the implementation of the Xenex UV light sanitation system. The decreased infection rates, in turn, are boosting patient satisfaction rates with their hospital stays as well. Personally, we’d feel much more comfortable staying somewhere that uses the latest technology to zap viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. (Now if only hotel rooms would do the same!)


The Xenex system sanitizes hospital rooms to cut infection rates by more than half. Image Source: Xenex.com

UV Light In Water Treatment Plants

We’re also excited to report that UV light sterilization has made its way into water sanitation, which is very important to human health. In New York City, municipal water flows into a $1.5 billion ultraviolet disinfection plant in central Westchester that was opened in 2012. “The ultraviolet light kills microorganisms like cryptosporidium and Giardia, which can threaten the health of the very young and old, as well as those with weakened immune systems,” reports NY-1 News.

It is, in fact, the largest UV treatment plant in the world, delivering 1 billion gallons of sanitized drinking water to New Yorkers. “This is another layer in a multi-layered system to make sure that our drinking water is safe,” says former Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter Strickland. Elsewhere, UV light is also being used to sanitize flood-stricken buildings and disinfect public swimming pools.

UV Light In Our Homes

There’s no limit to the possibilities for UV light technology in our own homes. Probably you have heard about UV light toothbrush cleaners. Yet, did you know we can now use germicidal UV-C light in our own homes to sanitize our shoes? Footwear is notoriously difficult to clean. We can’t just throw our shoes in the washer and dryer without ruining them. Yet, it’s revolting to think that our feet are bathing in a stew of all the pathogens we’ve picked up in our travels. As we previously reported, the average shoe has an astounding 66 million bacteria on the outside sole — and even more inside!

When you purchase the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer, you get two ultraviolet lamps and two protective shoe bags. You simply place a lamp in each shoe, close them up in their protective bags, and press a button. After 45 minutes, the shoes will be free from bacteria, viruses and fungi. Just one pass kills 99.9% of the organisms, so imagine what daily use can do! The device automatically shuts itself off, so you don’t have to worry about that.

In addition to protecting your feet from the microbes that cause toenail fungus, athlete’s foot and diabetic foot ulcers, you’ll also be killing the bacteria that makes your shoes stink. Try a UV shoe sanitizer in your home risk-free today!

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