Germs Among Us: Mike Rowe Declares Himself World’s Dirtiest Man

This special episode of “Curiosity: World’s Dirtiest Man” aired back in 2011, but we just caught the re-run on TV. The topics discussed seemed really relevant to our audience, so we thought we’d share. Mike Rowe, host of “World’s Dirtiest Jobs,” agreed to participate in a number of scientific tests to find out just how many germs his body contained. It’s nothing against Mike personally, but rather, a testament to our own illusions of cleanliness.

World’s Dirtiest Man Takeaways

Among the many findings in the show, we learn:

– It’s ALWAYS a good idea to put the toilet lid down before flushing.

– Cat litter boxes may be harboring brain-altering parasites (toxoplasmosis).

Skip the fresh sushi and opt for fish that’s been at least frozen.

A sneeze is much, much worse than a cough.

– The human mouth is full of enough bacteria to shut down a restaurant.

A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s… by a lot.

– Like it or not, our beds are filled with living creatures.

– Just a few seconds of a fly landing on our food is enough time to transfer fecal matter germs.

– We are essentially walking, breathing Petri dishes, full of bacteria and fungus!

Is Mike Rowe The World’s Dirtiest Man?

You can check out a free preview and watch the full episode here for $1.99.

It really satisfies a lot of the natural curiosities we have about our own bodies. You can see the living creatures that reside in and on us underneath a microscope. Mike Rowe’s sense of humor keeps the program lighthearted, despite some of the gruesome findings. Even though we  are cleaner and healthier than any other point in human history, there are still 10 times more bacteria living on us than there are cells in our bodies! Not all of this bacteria is bad, of course, but it really gives you a sense of how amazing our bodies are — to maintain homeostasis amid all this chaos.

What Can We Do About Bacteria, Fungus & Germs?

It’s a futile effort to think we can eradicate ALL the fungus and bacteria on and in our bodies. However, we can — and should — try to limit the amount of harmful microbes we come into contact with each day. The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer is one of the products geared toward making life simpler. In just 45 minutes, up to 99.9% of the fungus and bacteria living in your shoes can be sanitized away. Shoes are notoriously difficult to clean, so that’s a big relief! Our product is especially helpful for people who have had athlete’s foot, plantar warts, toenail fungus, or shoe odor in the past.

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