DisCide: Examining a New Disinfectant to Tackle Foot Fungus

Many of us have been battling infectious foot fungus for many years. Part of the problem is likely a genetic susceptibility that makes some people more of a target than others. The other factor — the controllable factor — is that we come into contact with fungal spores after treatment, thus re-infecting the feet again. These tiny, microscopic, living spores thrive in our moist, dark shoes. They can cling to socks, bed sheets, bath mats, and towels. They can even survive on tile floors or the shower floor for many months. Have you ever wondered what hospitals use to keep their surfaces, towels, and sheets sanitized? Looking to the pros may provide the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Is there wildlife growing in your shoes? Tackle the problem before it leads to foot fungus!
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Antifungal Solution for Foot Fungus: DisCide Ultra

An advertisement for DisCide Ultra was recently featured in an issue of Outpatient Magazine.  The product is pitched as an EPA-registered “high-level, alcohol-based disinfectant” that can be used to kill fungus on surfaces in just one minute. Consumers can buy the solution in a spray or as towelettes.

antifungal spray

DisCide Ultra is one of the products hospitals use to sanitize surfaces of fungi.

These are just a few of the awful pathogens this product has been clinically tested to kill:

– TB



– H1N1





– H3N2

– Influenza A

– Adenovirus

– HSV-2

– Coronavirus

– Pseudomonas aeruginosa

– Salmonella

– Staph

– E. coli

– Hep B & Hep C

– Athlete’s foot fungus

There aren’t many testimonials about the product online, but one Amazon reviewer called it a “high quality product,” and another reviewer mentioned that it’s “good as a general sanitizer and cleaner.” Spraying down the bathroom floor can protect other members of your family from picking up the fungus — and also help stop you from re-infecting yourself. You can also bring the spray with you when you travel to make sure the surface of the hotel shower is truly sanitized.

Antifungal Device for Shoes: SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer

Hospitals also use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. The microorganisms absorb the UV light energy, which then fuses their DNA strands together, making it impossible to replicate or spread infection. We have clinically tested the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to kill common pathogens inside footwear. Within 45 minutes, your shoe will be free from toenail fungus, athlete’s foot fungus, MRSA, staph, pneumonia, and other microbes. You can read about our research here. Our product is recommended by podiatrists and has the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval.

The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer has been featured on The Doctors:

One of our customers, “Carol D.” had this to say about the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer:

“For six years now my daughter has been fighting a toenail fungus and a severe case of athlete’s foot, all brought on by her, first ever, pedicure at an upscale nail salon. After five doctors and countless ointments and lotions, we finally found Dr. John Cozzarelli of Podiatry Associates of Belleville. As a result of his vast knowledge and ability to think ‘out of the box,’ we were finally able to start making progress with the fungus and athlete’s foot.

Dr. Cozzarelli informed me that shoes need to be cleaned after each time they are worn when a microorganism is present. Since my daughter is an athlete, in the gym seven days a week, it was at this point he introduced us to your SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer. Once we started using SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer after the initial treatments by Dr. Cozzarelli, the athlete’s foot is gone, and we are in good shape with the fungus!”

Carol is not the only satisfied customer. Others have found SteriShoe UV Sanitizer to be a valuable addition to their daily routine.

Stop Foot Fungus Dead in Its Tracks!

What is the point of spending tons of cash on expensive foot fungus cures when you’re only going to put your foot back in contact with contaminated surfaces like floors and shoes? We are offering a 30-day risk-free trial on our shoe sanitizer, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain from purchasing a SteriShoe device today!