FDA Cracks Down On Illegal Diabetic Foot Care Products

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned 15 companies to reform false advertising claims on diabetes treatment products or face prosecution, according to Gant Daily NewsUnfortunately, many of the products on the market promise much and deliver little. There are many diabetic foot care products that are not FDA-approved, but continue to sell to desperate consumers who want a quick fix for their feet. The FDA has been cracking down on rogue internet pharmacies peddling cheap, unregulated drugs online, says Medical Daily NewsAs of June 2013, more than 1,600 online pharmacies in an organized crime network were shut down.

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Diabetic Foot Care Companies To Look Out For

The FDA has warned the following companies about making false product claims or selling unregulated drugs:

– Amrutam Life Care Pvt. Ltd. (India)
– Anastasia Marie Laboratories Inc. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
– Enhance Nutraceutical, Health Care Products, Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co. (Amityville, New York)
– Health King Enterprises & Balanceuticals Group Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
– INS Bioscience Berhad, HLS International Sdn. Bhd. and Easy Pha-max (Malaysia)
– MagniLife (McKinney, Texas)
– Naturecast Products (Coral Springs, Florida)
– Nature’s Health Supply Inc. (College Park, Maryland)
– Origin BioMed Inc. (Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada)
– Nutrient Synergy (Longmont, Colorado)
– PharmaTerra Inc. (Bellevue, Washington)

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Brands To Avoid

The following products have NOT been FDA-approved for diabetes treatment:

– Anastasia Diapedic Foot & Leg Treatment
– DiabeRex
– Diabetes Daily Care
– Diabeti-Derm Antifungal Cream
– Diabetic Foot Cream
– Diabetic Hand & Body Cream
– Diabetic Neuropathy Foot Cream
– Diexi
– Eradicator
– Exermet GM
– Galvus
– Glucocil
– Insupro Forte
– Januvia
– Nepretin
– Neuragen Cream
– Neuragen PN
– Nuzide
– ProBeta
– Sugar Balancer
– Zostrix Diabetic Foot Pain Relief Cream
– Zostrix Diabetic Joint & Arthritis Pain Relief Cream

The Danger of Unregulated Diabetic Foot Care Products

“These people are fraudsters who are scamming people and creating risks that people are going to get very sick,” said Howard Sklamberg, director of the Office of Compliance in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

Furthermore, FDA safety reviewer Dr. Karen Mahoney said the real danger is that diabetics may take these so-called “home remedies for diabetes” instead of seeking medical help to manage a potentially life-threatening condition. “All patients with diabetes need to be under the care of a licensed health care professional,” she told NBC News. 

These products are generally filed as “natural remedies,” “homeopathic treatments” or “dietary supplements,” even though they may actually contain the same active ingredients as some prescription drugs. For instance, Diexi contains metformin, a prescription pharmaceutical, reports The Huffington Post.

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Another drug, Insupro Forte, contains phenformin — which was removed from the U.S. marketplace in 1978 because it was associated with a dangerous condition called lactic acidosis that can lead to a slow or irregular heartbeat.

In a consumer update, the FDA warns consumers to avoid product claims like:

– “Lowers your blood sugar naturally.”
– “Lowers your chances of having eye disease, kidney disease, nerve damage and heart disease!”
– “Replaces medicine in the treatment of diabetes.”
– “For Relief of Diabetic Foot Pain.”

Undeclared ingredients may interact with other medications and cause substantial harm to users, the FDA adds.

SteriShoe: An Honest Product For Diabetics

Here at SteriShoe, we don’t promise to be anything we’re not. Unfortunately, we cannot cure your condition. We cannot treat peripheral neuropathy or diabetic foot ulcers.

However, what our UV shoe sanitizer for diabetics CAN do is this: we can help limit your exposure to harmful bacteria and fungus that cause athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, shoe odor, diabetic foot ulcers, infections, and gangrene.

In the end, that is all anyone can hope for. There are no products on the market that can 100% prevent a foot infection. It’s a comprehensive effort between lifestyle habits and oversight from an experienced medical staff that will ultimately keep your feet protected.

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    Stephen in AL says:

    I recently got word of this action from the FDA via twitter. I have to admit that I usually seem to be more frustrated than pleased by the actions taken by the FDA. However, I was very pleased to hear this particular news.

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