Eating for Foot Health: Try Superfoods to Prevent Diabetes Infections

“Food is medicine,” according to wise Greek philosopher Hippocrates. In ancient times, food was all people had to prevent horrible diseases and infections. Today, people with diabetes are often advised to be mindful of what they eat. “Even though we live in a pill-popping, drug-oriented culture, more and more people are starting to realize that food is really our best medicine,” concurs Dr. Stephan Ripich, M.D. He adds, “There is no stage of Type 2 that can’t be helped by making some smart dietary changes.”

The makers of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer are interested in learning how to prevent diabetes complications, like diabetes infections of the foot. In addition to killing fungus and bacteria in your footwear using UV light, eating the right superfoods is another natural method of preventing infection.

diabetic infection

There are many superfoods that can help diabetics prevent infections.

Research Shows Native American Superfoods Can Help Fight Diabetes

Even though Native Americans have the highest prevalence of diabetes (at nearly 16 percent), there are 10 wild food plants from reservations in North Dakota that can really help in the fight against diabetes and foot infections. These foods were outlined in a paper published in the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis by researchers from Virginia Tech and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These plants included:

– Beaked hazelnuts

– Cattail broad leaf shoots

– Chokecherries

– Lambs quarters

– Plains pricklypear

– Prairie turnips

– Raspberries

– Rose hips

– Stinging nettles

– Wild plums

These foods contain high concentrations of key nutrients that boost a person’s immune system and ability to ward off unwanted microbes, say researchers. For instance, lambs quarters (a good substitute for spinach or chard) contains over 60% of the daily intake of thiamin, 40% of B6,  60% of calcium, and 70% of magnesium.

Superfoods Help Us Cultivate Good Microbes & Improve Healing Time

As we know, not all microbes are disease-causing or dangerous. Some, in fact, are one’s best defense against harmful invaders. As the Mother Living Earth blog points out, “Unlike antibiotics, which wipe out all bacteria in the body regardless of whether they’re harmful or beneficial, plants can be used to target an infection while leaving the body’s supply of good bacteria intact.” For instance, scientists discovered that a Japanese pickled turnip boosts the immune system enough to prevent H1N1 flu virus from taking hold in the body.

With the right balance of micronutrients and beneficial organisms, circulation and healing times can be improved. The Cleveland Clinic recommends limiting sugar and aiming for good control of blood sugars. “Power” foods like protein (meat, beans, eggs, milk, yogurt, tofu), Vitamin C (citrus, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage), Vitamin A (leafy vegetables, cantaloupe, dairy, liver), and zinc (fortified cereal, red meat, seafood).

Prevent Diabetes Infections Naturally

In addition to eating right, you can prevent diabetes infections by limiting the amount of harmful pathogens that surround you. The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer kills up to 99,9% of the fungi, viruses, and harmful bacteria in shoes with one 45-minute treatment. Order one on a 30-day risk-free trial and use daily for the best results. Every positive step one can take to limit diabetes-related complications helps a person lead a better life.