Itching for a Foot Fungus Remedy? Dry Up Athlete's Foot With Domeboro Powder!

Athlete’s foot is a common problem among many people. Although it may seem like a hassle, sometimes the only way to get over a bout of this pesky fungus problem is to be very diligent in both treating the affected area, as well as taking precautions to insure that it doesn’t reoccur soon after. Today we explore one option among the many athlete’s foot treatments on the market.

Domeboro powder, also known as Burow’s Solution, is a preparation of 13% aluminum acetate dissolved in water invented by German military surgeon Karl August Burow in the mid-19th century. Its astringent and antibacterial properties make it a suitable treatment for a number of topical skin applications. It is available in most pharmacies, in both generic form and by the brand name Domeboro, manufactured by Bayer.

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There are many uses for Domeboro aluminum acetate astringent solution, in addition to treating athlete’s foot.
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Domeboro Powder for Skin Irritations

Domeboro Powder is one of two commonly used treatments for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac — the other being calamine lotion. The problem with calamine lotion is that, while it soothes painful blisters, it also creates a chalky, pink mess when dry. By contrast, a Domeboro solution can soothe and dry out painful poison plant rashes with a more convenient 15-to-30-minute bathtub soak. Another option is to create a Domeboro compress by mixing with 16 ounces of water and saturating a gauze pad that can be held on the irritated area for the same amount of time.

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Domeboro solution can be used as a foot soak or a compress.
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Domeboro Powder for Allergic Reactions

Bayer says you can use Domeboro Powder as a wet dressing or as a soak to help relieve “rashes caused by soaps, detergents, cosmetics, or jewelry.” It is also recommended by pediatricians for treating diaper rash. The astringent will take the sting away and provide relief from itchiness and redness. Some consumers say that just two or three uses made a huge different in the treatment of rashes.

Domeboro Powder for Athlete’s Foot

One of the ways to kill an athlete’s foot fungus is to soak the affected feet in a Domeboro solution. Astringents dry up the skin, Dr. John Scanlon, D.P.M., chief of podiatric services at Chestnut Hill Hospital in Philadelphia, tells Men’s Health. “Soak your feet for about 15 minutes a day, following the directions on the package of Domeboro,” he says, advising patients to complete this ritual daily until the fungal infection appears to be gone.

generic domeboro

Generic aluminum acetate astringent is also available.
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Domeboro Powder for Warts

We’ve also read that a daily soak with Domeboro Powder has healed plantar warts within two weeks. Epsom salts are said to be a cheaper way to get rid of a wart, although users report that the Domeboro soaks are “more soothing.” Generally speaking, a foot soak is likely to only be effective on fresh plantar warts, rather than warts that have gone untreated for months. Some warts take months or even years to heal.

When Domeboro Powder Does Not Work On Foot Fungus

In some cases, Domeboro Powder may not be enough to alleviate persistent foot fungus. Patients may require one of the many oral medications prescribed by podiatrists, dermatologists, and general practitioners. It’s always best to consult a doctor before starting any new treatment regimen for foot fungus.

If you need to get rid of athlete’s foot, you can buy Domeboro Powder here on Amazon. If you tend to suffer from recurring bouts of athlete’s foot, be sure you also invest in a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer to get rid of contagious fungal spores in your footwear that is likely causing the outbreaks.

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