High Fashion or Ridiculous Trend? $840 for Shower Shoes Originally Designed to Prevent Foot Fungus

It’s not exactly a sandal. It’s definitely not a flip-flop. Most people would describe the style as a “shower shoe.” In posh circles, you may even hear it called a “poolside lounger.” These protective foot covers aren’t just made by sport brands like Nike and ADIDAS anymore. High-end designers like Prada and Margiela have taken the lowly shower shoe to new heights. The question is… would you pay $840 for a pair?

Why Wear Shower Shoes?

“Any communal shower is a potential breeding ground for athlete’s foot and other types of infections,” says Dr. Andrea Ruman MD, associate professor of internal medicine at UCLA. “Shower shoes can help protect your feet,” she adds. Not only can you pick up athlete’s foot fungus, but also difficult-to-treat bacterial infections like Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA.

fungus shower

Fungus likes to grow in warm, damp, dark environments like showers — and shoes! Image Source: TripAdvisor.com

Additionally, you should also take special care to wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water — getting in between the toes, and drying the feet completely before jamming them into socks and shoes. Keep in mind that microbes thrive in damp, dark, warm environments like the shoes. The sun’s UV rays also act like a natural pathogen-killer. That’s why, as gross as it sounds, many podiatrists recommend wearing open, airy shoes even if you have already contracted a bacterial or fungal infection.

Fashion Designers Focus On…Fungus?

The Chloé fashion house was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion, an Egyptian-born Parisienne. She created soft, luxurious clothes that were described as “youthful,” “feminine” and “romantic.” Now Refinery 29 reports that Chloé offers “the ultimate rich-lady slide,” which retail at Saks Fifth Avenue for $840! It’s hard to imagine people paying that much for a glorified shower shoe, but the fashion blog adds that some sizes have already sold out, so apparently it’s a hit.

chloe fashion house

Would you pay $840 for this shoe to keep athlete’s foot fungus at bay? Image Source: Refinery29.com

Before you scoff, consider that shower shoes are trending. The NY Times reports that this style of shoe is coming “out of the shower and onto the runway.” It’s no surprise high-end designers are offering their own versions in 2014, the Times says, given that “The onetime locker-room essential was taken up by cool kids on the street, was adopted by the singer Grimes, and even invaded Fashion Week, on Alexander Wang’s niece, who proved a most stylish street-style star when she wore a Nike version to her uncle’s show.” Trés chic!

Perhaps the initial focus of fashion designers with this latest trend wasn’t necessarily foot hygiene, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that this type of shoe promotes healthy feet.

Sanitize Your $840 Sandals With SteriShoe!

No matter what kind of shoes you wear, you’ll want to make sure they are hygienic and fungus-free. (That is especially true if you’re splurging on an $840 pair of sandals!) You may be wondering, “Well, can’t I just leave them out in the sunlight to sterilize them?” While it’s true that the sun’s UV can destroy the DNA of some pathogens, Outside Online says that the Earth’s atmosphere blocks much of the sun’s power and the particularly nasty, resistant strains of microbes cannot be killed using ordinary light. The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer, however, uses powerful UV-C light to kill 99.9% of all microbes in your footwear within just 45 minutes. Give your shoes the ultimate pampering treatment!

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