Healing at Home: 4 Household Products that May Potentially Kill Athlete’s Foot Fungus

Heat and humidity are on the rise this time of year — and along with that comes an increase in foot fungus. Athlete’s foot is generally treated with over-the-counter antifungal medication, but some people find that the infections come back repeatedly. The People’s Pharmacy claims that there are a number of household products a person can use to kill recurrent athlete’s foot fungus in a pinch. Generally speaking, the household cures for athlete’s foot either “stink, sting or stain.”

athlete's foot fungus

Some people claim a vinegar foot soak can heal the damage done by athlete’s foot fungus.

Absorbine Jr.

Absorbine Jr. is a concoction of essential oils promoted for natural arthritis joint pain relief in people and animals. However, one person who was “plagued with athlete’s foot for years” saw an end to the peeling, itching, burning, and spreading after using Absorbine Jr. on an athlete’s foot infection for a week, with most symptoms subsiding within three days. “The stuff stung the raw skin between the toes, but it WORKED,” the user recalled. Following up with dousing the feet in rubbing alcohol after a shower has “kept athlete’s foot away for years.”

Vinegar Soaks

One physician said his case of athlete’s foot was the most severe he’d ever seen, even after 32 years in medicine. “From age six on, my feet itched constantly, the bottoms of my feet developed deep bleeding fissures, and I could evacuate a car by removing one shoe after a weekend camping with the Scouts,” he recalled. He had used everything from Tinactin to griseofulvin to no avail. Finally, it was his mother’s home remedy of 10-minute morning and evening white vinegar soaks that cured his foot odor and itching. He explains, “If the vinegar stings too much, dilute it 50/50 with water. Spray the insides of your shoes with disinfectant to kill the fungi and prevent reinfection.”


The People’s Pharmacy has also recommended using garlic as an alternative to athlete’s foot antifungal creams. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approved medication (terbinafine / Lamisil) was combined with ajoene, the active ingredient from garlic, and used on Venezuelan soldiers with athlete’s foot. The results were published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. After two months, 75% of those who had taken low-dose ajoene and 100% of the patients on a high dose were clear of athlete’s foot. By comparison, 94% of those on terbinafine were clear of fungus. The People’s Pharmacy recommends soaking the feet in crushed or minced garlic and olive oil, since high-dose ajoene cannot be purchased in a store.

Try SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer to Prevent Athlete’s Foot Recurrence

In addition to the three home remedies mentioned, ultraviolet light is a good home treatment for recurrent athlete’s foot fungus. Part of the reason people cannot kick their foot fungus once and for all is that they keep putting their feet back into contaminated footwear. Keeping sweaty, humid shoes as clean and dry as possible is the best way to cure athlete’s foot. The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer can kill the fungi that cause athlete’s fungus and toenail fungus in just one 45-minute cycle. Use daily for the best results. Try one free for 30 days!