Cast of "Survivor" Battles Athlete’s Foot

Just how bad can athlete’s foot get? Fans of the hit TV show “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” got a closer look in episode 5. In the Philippines, contestant Katie Collins developed a bad case of tinea pedis (athlete’s foot) from spending too much time in sopping wet shoes. “From wearing wet shoes all the time, I got tinea…. so, it burns. You get, like, little sores and they can be very painful when you walk. And it gets, like, under your toenails,” she explained. For some viewers, this up close look at foot fungus was a little too much to bear!

What Is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a skin disease caused by fungus. Usually it attacks between the toes in a warm, dark, humid environment. Often, the fungus is contracted near swimming pools, showers and locker rooms — hence the name. Signs include: dry skin, red scaling, itching and burning sensations, inflammation, cracking and blistering. Often, the disease spreads to the soles of the feet and the toenails. In some cases, it spreads to the groin and underarms. Sufferers will need to visit a podiatrist if the condition does not resolve itself within two weeks of over-the-counter medication treatment at home.

How Bad Can Athlete’s Foot Get, If Left Untreated?

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Poor Katie Collins… stuck on an island in the Philippines with no access to doctors or medication! She has been left to suffer the ill effects of untreated athlete’s foot. The good news is that Katie is still alive and still in the fight to win this season, despite having athlete’s foot since mid-October. However, her toenails have become infected at the root and they have fallen off, which is pretty gross!

One reviewer said the athlete’s foot was “slowly turning her toes into something more commonly seen on Grey’s Anatomy.” Kat’s tribe mates admitted they were thoroughly disgusted by the situation. Ciera said you could break her toes off because they are so “red and crusty.” Vytas expressed sympathy for Kat, but also added that he really doesn’t want to look at it. One kind soul, Laura, was willing to massage these fungus feet in order to get in Katie’s good graces — much to the surprise of Survivor fans. Unfortunately, that didn’t save her from being voted out this episode!


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