Stranger than Fiction: A Real Life Lesson on the Warning Signs of Diabetes

The story sounds like it would be found in a joke newspaper like the National Enquirer… but, in some cases, reality truly is stranger than fiction. ABC News reports that 48-year-old diabetic Jerry Douthett of Rockford, Michigan, woke up without his big toe. It turns out, his Jack Russell Terrier “Kiko” bit the infected toe off as the man slept! This incredulous story underscores the importance of taking care of your feet with daily foot inspections and products like the SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer, so you can detect a diabetic foot infection early — before your dog does!

diabetic foot infection

A Jack Russell Terrier like this one bit his owner’s infected toe off and saved his life!
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The Importance of Close Examination: 7 Signs Your Feet May Be in Trouble

When was the last time you looked at your feet? We’re not just talking about noticing that your toenail polish could use replacing — but rather, when was the last time you really examined your feet from top to bottom? You can think of the feet as a snapshot of your total body health. If you have some sort of systemic problem going on, the signs could manifest in your feet. They also act as fortune tellers, revealing what might happen if you don’t take a minute to pamper them right away! In this article, we’ll discuss a few signs you might look for as an indication of your overall health.

foot inspection

Have you taken the time to really look at your feet today? Image Source:

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Natural Healing: Can Neem Oil Be Used to Treat Pesky Foot Fungus?

Foot fungus can be a terrible problem for a person who is dedicated to holistic healing and natural remedies. The usual course of treatment for toenail fungus involves heavy duty oral antifungal medication which can be considerably expensive. Athlete’s foot is a bit easier to treat with an over-the-counter topical, but it still tends to resist natural cures and can become a persistent problem. Neem oil is one of the products we’ve seen pitched to treat foot fungus, so this post serves to look into the matter further.

neem tree flowers

The Neem tree comes from India, and is a relative of the Mahogany tree.
Image Source: Flickr user Pranav Yaddanapudi

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Dermatologist Tips to Protect Athletes from Foot Fungus Infections

Competitive athletes work hard to keep themselves strong and healthy enough to play in as many games as possible. They spend vast amounts of time lifting weights, running, skills training, and eating nutritious foods. However, the surface of the skin — particularly on the feet — can be an area many athletes forget to  maintain. This negligence puts not only the athletes themselves at risk, but also their teammates, dermatologist Jeffrey V. Benabio, MD, FAAD, of Kaiser Permanente in San Diego tells Infection Control Today.

prevent skin infections

Learn how athletes can prevent skin infections at the SteriShoe Blog.
Image Source: MDH via

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Onychomycosis in the Spotlight: Toenail Fungus Featured on Television Show "The Doctors"

Recently, the popular television show The Doctors had an episode about “awkward and embarrassing body problems.” There were audience members seeking advice on explosive diarrhea, bad tattoos of ex-boyfriends, lost tampons, and a woman with severe toenail fungus. While we may not particularly enjoy talking about these issues, the doctors wanted to make the point that patients should share their most embarrassing questions, concerns, and stories with health professionals in order to remain as healthy as possible.

the doctors tv

The Doctors is a popular syndicated show on day-time television.
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Take Strides to Protect Your Feet: 3 Reasons Diabetics Should Invest in Shoe Orthoses

People with diabetes can achieve the best possible health by managing the various risks they face. Poor circulation is one complication caused by elevated blood sugars. This condition makes it more difficult for wounds to heal — particularly wounds in the lower extremities.

Another complication — nerve damage — makes it possible for slow-healing wounds to go undetected for long periods of time. During this time, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can easily infect the wound. We wash our clothes daily, but fail to follow any regular protocol for our footwear — and yet, this dark, damp, warm environment is where pathogens like to procreate most.

To avoid dangerous diabetic foot infections resulting in hospitalization, surgery, and/or amputation, we recommend preventing foot wounds with orthoses and preventing microbial buildup with a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer.

diabetic orthoses

There are several different types of orthoses to choose from.
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Home Remedies: How to Treat Toenail Fungus without Seeing a Doctor

It’s safe to say, most Americans would rather not see a doctor. About one in three men and one in five women have no regular doctor, according to a survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund research foundation in New York City. For some people, it’s fear of bad news or shame about their lifestyle choices. For others, it’s about drumming up the money for co-pays and treatment options, or an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Toenail fungus sufferers especially fall into that last category, because there are so few treatment options that are any good. However, there are a few tricks you can try to eliminate toenail fungus without a visit to the doctor.

avoid doctors

Some people avoid doctors due to lack of money for co-pays and treatments.
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The Nature of Athlete’s Foot: Why Does Fungus Seem More Prevalent Among Runners?

Athlete’s foot is a broad term for a type of foot fungus. Anyone — even non-athletes — can catch it from the environment, but the fungus seems to be more prevalent among long distance runners in particular. “My daughter is a keen runner and she regularly suffers from athlete’s foot. What can she do to prevent it?” wonders a parent from Glasgow, Scotland, writing in to the Evening Times. Fortunately, the makers of SteriShoe, a UV shoe sanitizer, have the answers.

athlete's foot runners

Athlete’s foot attacks runners disproportionately because their feet are trapped in warm, damp shoes for such extended periods of time.
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Get Salon Feet at Home: 5 Simple Foot Care Tips for a DIY Pedicure

Each year, I visit my favorite local spa for a pedicure on my birthday. It’s not just a matter of personal hygiene. It’s about relaxing and pampering myself. It’s about wearing a plush robe, sitting in a dimly lit room, breathing in aromatherapy scents, listening to the sound of Asian mandolins, and enjoying a steaming hot cup of Aveda tea.  A professional pedicure alleviates my cracked heels and calluses — which could become a portal to infection — and returns me to fresh, baby-soft skin again. Every time I go, I say, “I should do this regularly — like once a month!” While a writer’s salary is entirely livable, shelling out $60 for this self-indulgence every month gives me pause. That’s why I decided to do home pedicures and save a visit to the professionals for my annual birthday treat.

DIY pedicure

DIY pedicures at home will save you money, but still give you that pampered, relaxed feeling.
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Health Insurance Obstacles: Toenail Fungus Considered a “Cosmetic” Issue and Not Included in Coverage

“I had Aetna tell me they wouldn’t pay for an anti-fungal prescription for my toenail fungus,” writes a reader of Truthout Magazine. The writer goes on to say that multiple appeals and biopsy results didn’t sway the insurance company to pay for an expensive medication, but they did concede that they would pay to have all the patient’s toenails surgically removed! Absurd stories like this are more common than you’d think because health insurers largely consider toenail fungus to be a “cosmetic” issue. We strongly disagree!

toenail fungus pills

Makers of toenail fungus medication are charging a fortune for their pills, but efficiency is questionable.

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