Diabetic Foot Care Toolbox: 10 Helpful Accessories to Prevent Complications

“The truly scary thing about diabetic neuropathy is a 10-letter word we usually associate with horrific accidents or Civil War battlefields—amputation,” writes Patrick J. Skerett for the Harvard Health Blog. He explains that seemingly innocuous blisters, cuts, or sores can become infected wounds that do not heal. To prevent serious foot complications, diabetics can use the following 10 diabetic foot care accessories to make life easier.

diabetes complications

Foot problems are one of the many potential complications diabetics face.
Image Source: TrialX.com

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Natural Healing: Could Mediterranean Bath Salts Work to Cure Toenail Fungus?

The SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer was created with toenail fungus sufferers in mind. Our product’s founder understands, first hand, what it’s like to spend countless days and dollars fighting the unsightly infection. Foot fungus is particularly difficult to eliminate because of its mode for reproduction. Teeny, tiny spores have a way of sloughing off the feet and contaminating everything from towels and bed sheets, to socks and shoes. So even if you’ve managed to successfully kill the fungus, you risk re-contamination if you’re putting your feet back into the same old infected shoes again.

That’s why, no matter which treatment you choose, you’re best investing in our Ultra-Violet shoe sanitizer to kill off the residual fungus in all your footwear. If you’re looking for other natural remedies for foot fungus, you may also want to consider Mediterranean bath salts.

mediterranean bath salts

Mediterranean bath salts have been proposed as a DIY method of fighting toenail fungus.
Image Source: Shhhesnbc.com

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Foot Health in Your Golden Years: 3 Ways Aging Affects Feet

Aging doesn’t just cause wrinkles in your brow, brittle fingernails, or aches in your back. Did you know that 80% of people over age 60 have some sort of problem with their feet? Most parts of the body shrink as we age, but the feet are one exception. In fact, a person can gain half a shoe size every decade after age 40, says Dr. Steven Pribut, a podiatrist at George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

aging feet

Will your feet age gracefully?
Image Source: FineArtAmerica.com

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Innovations in Treatment: Light-Based Therapies Offer Hope for Onychomycosis Sufferers

Anyone who has had insidious toenail fungus knows it’s difficult to get rid of once you have it. In fact, it’s so hard to get rid of that some people go to the extreme and have a nail removed! More research is needed to determine whether light-based treatments will be the next generation of toenail fungus treatments, but a review published in the December 24th edition of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine indicates that there is hope for onychomycosis sufferers.

laser toenail treatment

Laser toenail treatment may be the next frontier in treating onychomycosis, but better studies must be developed.
Image Source: SoleFootAndAnkle.com

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Smart New Tools Improve the Outcome for Those with Diabetic Foot

Writing for Nursing In Practice magazine, Margaret Stubbs shares her experience with two diabetic patients who recently endured amputation surgeries. “One joined the practice having already had four toes on his right foot amputated, and a subsequent postoperative infection,” she writes. The other patient recently had two toes amputated. “It somehow can feel as though we have failed,” she says.

But how can nursing staff prevent diabetic foot amputations and improve outcomes, she wonders? Compliance and vigilance at home are two big issues. We find that, if given easy-to-use tools — such as the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer and smartphone monitoring apps — diabetics can greatly reduce the likelihood that they’ll encounter complications requiring major surgery.

diabetes foot bacteria

A UV shoe sanitizer protects the feet from bacteria colonies.
Image Source: SteriShoe.com

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Is It "Thyme" for Toenail Fungus Treatment? Exploring the Effectiveness of this Natural Remedy

“It’s not exactly a life-threatening condition, but toenail fungus, known in the medical community as onychomycosis, can be cosmetically unattractive and painful,” reports Anahad O’Connor, a science feature writer for the NY Times. Several years back, he investigated thyme as a possible holistic toenail fungus cure. We’re naturally skeptical of these claims because toenail fungus is notoriously difficult and expensive to treat, but in some cases there is some scientific basis behind these folk remedies.


thyme plant

The thyme plant can be a source of antimicrobial goodness, studies suggest.
Image Source: Flickr User vidalia_11

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Experiencing More Than Itchy Toes? 4 Complications Associated with Tinea Pedis

Tinea pedis — or athlete’s foot — is a chronic foot infection that manifests itself as an itchy, red, scaly rash between the toes and along the soles. Sometimes the condition leads to complications, especially if the patients are immuno-suppressed, diabetic, or allergy sufferers. Once a fungus invades the body, the tissues may become susceptible to other attacks. In this article, we’ll examine four common complications that occur concurrently with athlete’s foot.

athlete's foot

Is it just athlete’s foot… or are you also suffering from one of the four coexisting conditions that often accompany this fungal infection?
Image Source: lacpms.com

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Get Embarrassing Foot Odor Under Control: Which Foot Deodorant Option is Right for You?

Lifehacker article recently suggested placing stinky shoes in the freezer to neutralize odor. One reader reported, “I put my shoes in my deep-freeze freezer as soon as this article posted. I took them out about 3 hours ago…. At first, they didn’t stink. After wearing my shoes now for about 3 hours, the stink has returned to the pre-freezer level. *sigh* I was sooo hoping it would work!”

stinky shoes

Don’t think that putting your stinky shoes in the freezer is going to cut it.
Image Source: Dappered.com


This doesn’t surprise us in the least. Shoe odor is caused by two things: bacteria and sweat. Sure, the freezer discourages bacteria from multiplying — for the time being — but once bacteria reaches room temperature, the effects end. Freezing food doesn’t kill E.coli and other bacteria, reports NPR, so why would it work against shoe odor?

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Battling Onychomycosis: A 3-Step Process for Toenail Fungus Removal

There are many products on the market that promise to help you eliminate toenail fungus. Unfortunately, many of these items are not effective in their treatment. Yet, there is a smaller subset of elite products that are recommended by podiatrists for toenail fungus removal. We’re proud to say that we’ve put in the time and effort to conduct extensive testing on our ultraviolet shoe sanitizer in order to earn the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of approval. South Florida Podiatrist Dr. Eric Weinstein of Broward Foot Care is one of our product advocates who proposes a three-step process to cure toenail fungus fast.

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Got Cold Feet This Winter? It Could Be Your Diabetes!

The cold weather brought by winter can make life really unpleasant for a diabetic. Your skin is probably feeling really dry this time of year, and you may not be as physically active as you’d like to be, which can leave you feeling lousy in more ways than one. Peripheral neuropathy — which causes numbness and pain in the hands and feet — is the most talked-about complication of diabetes, but there are other complications that may cause your feet to feel extremely cold.

ice cold feet

Diabetics often suffer from ice-cold feet, making winters particularly uncomfortable.
Image Source: LungesAndLace.com

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