15 Drugs Used To Treat Athlete’s Foot: Relative Risks and How They Work

Athlete’s foot (sometimes called tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin marked by flaking, scaling, and itchy red patches between the toes and along the side of the foot. It spreads in moist, warm areas such as bathroom or locker room floors and through infected towels, socks, shoes, and clothing. In some cases, the infection may spread to the groin (where it is called “jock itch”) or other body parts (where it is called “ringworm”). There are many different drugs used to treat this infection, including prescription and nonprescription oral medications, as well as topical treatments.

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Tips on Caring For Leather Shoes & Preventing Stinky Feet

Leather is said to be one of the most breathable shoe materials. So why does it seem like your feet sweat and stink mercilessly in a pair of your favorite dress shoes? For starters, you may think you are wearing leather with its glorious breathable pores… but in reality, your shoes may be made from synthetic leatherwhich has become popular these days because it’s so cheap to manufacture. (Instead, you want to make sure you’re getting full-grain leather shoes!) However, it’s important to note that even real leather can mingle with the wrong type of socks and make your feet sweat. Also, bacteria can build up on any type of shoe material, causing an unbearable stench emanating from your shoes — and stinky feet to boot!

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Congress Is Now Less Popular Than Toenail Fungus!

The U.S. government is back in business — after 16 wasted days and billions of dollars in economic damage. In the meantime, the approval rating for Congress has plummeted to new lows, according to a survey released by Public Policy Polling last week. Congress is now less popular than hemorrhoids, dog poop, cockroaches, the DMV, jury duty, pot holes, zombies, witches, mothers-in-law, and… yes folks, even toenail fungus.

zombie congress

Image Source: NewsAdvance.com

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Copper Oxide Socks: Are They A Safe Way To Prevent Diabetic Onychomycosis?

Studies show that diabetics are up to five times more susceptible to fungal infections than people without diabetes, says the Richmond Times DispatchThese infections can lead to secondary bacterial infections, blood infections, tissue damage, gangrene, and even amputation. Yet, are the new copper-oxide socks from Cupron really the answer in preventing diabetic onychomycosis?

cupron socks

Image Source: Knoji.com

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Are Onychomycosis Lasers A Promising Treatment For Toenail Fungus?

Lasers represent the latest advancement in minimally invasive treatments. They’ve been used for scar resurfacing, plantar wart removal, varicose vein treatment, eye surgery, kidney stone and prostate removal — and now, to clear up the appearance of toenail fungus, too. The downside of onychomycosis lasers is that they are relatively expensive and not covered by insurance. So it’s only natural to wonder: Is this a viable cure or a waste of money?

toenail fungus laser

Image Source: PresidentMed.ru

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How Can I Safely Treat Athlete’s Foot During Pregnancy?

Athlete’s foot is type of dermatitis caused by a fungal infection. People may pick up the fungus by touching a contaminated surface or object with bare skin. Showers, locker rooms, water parks, and wet grass are common ways of contracting the foot fungus. The symptoms include: itching, burning, pain and scaling. Usually the patches form in between the toes or along the sides of the foot. Pregnant women with athlete’s foot may be worried about how conventional treatments may affect their unborn babies. The makers of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer have some practical guidance for the expectant mother.

pregnancy athlete's foot

Image Source: BabyMed.com

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Quick Fixes For Smelly Shoes, From Baking Soda to Newspaper

Many people feel panic-stricken when they realize their feet stink. Having smelly shoes is a very common problem. After all, no one is immune to sweat or picking up bacteria from the environment. Of course, biology dictates that some people have more “musk” than others, but that doesn’t mean these people are doomed to suffer the social stigma of being smelly. We have collected some of the best quick fixes for stinky feet and shoes.

baking soda shoes

Image Source: WikiHow.com

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Common Nail Complications Among Cancer Treatment Patients and How to Prevent Them

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy are notorious for side effects. Nail complications are starting to get more attention. Most nail disorders are cosmetic, but sometimes these side effects interfere with everyday activities, says Dr. Patricia S. Myskowski, a dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. If you’re undergoing cancer treatments, a SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer can help limit your exposure to dangerous pathogens that could otherwise infect your toenails.

cancer nails

Image Source: Heartnat.Blogspot.com

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Focus On Obesity: Preventing Diabetic Foot Problems

Tackling obesity is a tall order, but it truly will have a dramatic impact in preventing diabetic foot problems like ulcers. Every day choices have the power to dramatically alter how a person feels on any given day. The makers of the SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer share their best advice for managing diabetes and keeping the feet as healthy as possible.

diabetic lifestyle

Image Source: LoveEHealth.Blogspot.com

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Will Hydrogen Peroxide Kill Foot Fungus?

Hydrogen peroxide is a simple chemical compound comprised of two hydrogen molecules and two oxygen molecules. The concentration for health purposes is 3-5%, with the vast majority of the solution containing just water. This pharmaceutical grade solution contains various stabilizers, so it should not be ingested, but it can be used topically to treat a variety of ailments.

Other mixtures for home use may contain up to 10% concentration to be used as a bleach, tooth scrub, or ear wax remover. Concentrations as high as 30% may be used industrially for bleaching paper, rocket fuel, or producing foam rubber.

One of the alleged uses for hydrogen peroxide circulating in emails is that it can kill foot fungus. Here’s what we think…

hydrogen peroxide foot fungus

Image Source: WebMD.com

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