Will The New Beer Foot Baths at Four Seasons Cure My Foot Fungus?

Is beer a good enough reason to plan your travel around it this summer? We don’t know about that, but there are some enticing opportunities for self-professed craft beer aficionados. For instance, New Belgium Brewery is running a “Tour de Fat: Beer, Bikes & Bemusement” festival in cities like Atlanta, Denver, San Diego and Minneapolis. Brooklyn Brewery from New York and Deschutes from Oregon are also making the rounds with traveling beer events.

Yet, what really caught our eye was The Spa at Four Seasons in Vail, Colorado — which is offering a new “Amber Ale Foot Soak” on their spa menu. Is this supposed to be a treatment for foot fungus?

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How To Fix Dry Cracked Feet & Athlete’s Foot

Dry, cracked feet are more than just unattractive. The broken skin barrier can become a way for insidious bacteria and fungus to infect the feet. We already talked about how there are over 100 different types of bacteria living on the skin. Could you imagine if these microbes could get into your blood and tissues? Chances are, you’ve come into contact with everything from athlete’s foot to toenail fungus already. If there was no way for these pathogens to creep inside the body, then you probably just washed your feet, washed your socks and called it a day. Yet, if you have any cracking, cuts or blisters, this is all the invitation foot fungus needs.

skin facts

Image Source: HealingFeet.com

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Malaria Mosquitoes Are Attracted To Foot Odor — Just One More Reason To Treat Smelly Feet

Over 200 million people are affected by malaria world-wide each year. Of those, over 770,000 people die from it. Determining how to stop a disease transmitted by a vector as tiny as a mosquito hasn’t been easy. Vaccinations and medications are the best hope we currently have, but scientists hope to soon understand how they can stop mosquitoes dead in their tracks before they reach human hosts — possibly by conquering foot odor first.

malaria infographic

Image Source: Visual.ly.com

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Common Mistakes People With Toenail Fungus Make

You’ll know you have toenail fungus if your nails become yellowed and thickened. Soon they begin crumbling around the edges. In some cases, untreated toe fungus can cause the nail to separate from the nail plate and fall right off. Serious complications are rare, but the danger is that the fungus will spread to the skin (cellulitis) or bones, tendons  and blood (fungal paronychia). There are many reasons why people end up with persistent toenail fungus that seems to never go away. Are you making any of these common mistakes?

toenail fungus dangers

Image Source: SanDiegoLaserNailClinics.com

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Diabetes and Foot Infections: How To Protect Your Feet When Starting A Workout Program

Diabetes and foot infections can  be scary, but that shouldn’t keep a person from working out. As few as 39% of people with type II diabetes participate in regular exercise activities, compared with 58% of other Americans, according to studies by the American Diabetes Association and the American College of Sports Medicine.

This is a troubling statistic because working out can improve insulin activity and keep blood sugar levels under control — two things that are very important for diabetics especially. On top of that, exercise burns calories — which, in turn, can help diabetics lose weight.

While a person may not be able to completely cure type II diabetes, one can stop the progression of the disease, improve health significantly and eliminate the need for medication to control blood sugar levels through exercise and diet modification.

exercise for diabetics

Image Source: Inspire-Fitness.com.au

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Researchers Discover Over 100 Types of Foot Fungus

There are over 100 types of fungus living on our feet, according to a new study by the Human Genome Research Institute. While this may sound absolutely disgusting, a lot of these microbes aren’t so bad, says lead author Dr. Julie Segre. “One of the major functions of healthy fungi is to prevent pathogenic fungi [like athlete’s foot or toenail fungus] from adhering to our skin.”

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How To Buy Embarrassing Athlete's Foot Products Discreetly

Your feet itch like crazy. They itch so bad they’re actually BURNING — on fire! You’re almost afraid to look and see what’s going on down there. But then you do… and you notice that the skin is cracked, flaky and peeling between your toes and up along the side of your foot. The skin between your toes is especially red. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you’ve got all the tell-tale signs of athlete’s foot. If you let it go any longer, you’ll end up with oozing blisters and thick, yellow, crumbling fungus nails too. You will also be opened up to developing secondary infections, including MRSA. So it’s best to seek treatment immediately to go on living your life comfortably and confidently.

foot fungus

Image Source: VistaPhuket.com

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What Fad Diets & Foot Odor Products Have In Common

The weight loss and foot odor industries have a lot in common. It may not appear so at first glance, but both industries are saturated with products that claim “instant transformation” and easy solutions. Both industries are fraught with (sometimes) dodgy science that has not been carefully scrutinized by the oversight agencies. Consumers need to be careful about what they expose their bodies to — whether they are taking a weight loss supplement or spraying a chemical into their shoes. All in all, most products offer nothing more than a temporary solution for a lifelong and chronic problem. The common message is this: Don’t believe the hype! There is no easy cure for anything in life!

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Tips For Beach-Ready Feet

The beach can be a dangerous place. Just ask the fish! They fall prey to contagious ich, parasites and deadly chemicals in their environment. Likewise, the beach can be a danger to humans — and we’re not just talking sharks and stingrays here! Foot fungus and athlete’s foot thrive at beach bath houses, where lots of people walk barefoot with their guard down. Protect your feet this summer with the following tips.

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Are Pedicures Safe For Those With Diabetes?

“Up to 25 percent of patients with diabetes will develop the most common foot wound — a foot ulcer,” reports Judy Mansker RN, program director of the IU Heath Ball Memorial Wound Healing Services. She explains, “People with diabetes must be careful of where they get pedicures, what shoes they wear and even how they dry in-between their toes.” Salons that do not properly sanitize tools can spread foot fungus or infections that can be devastating to patients with diabetes, as they run a high risk of amputation, should a cut turn into a sore.

Yet, most people think of pedicures as safe, relaxing, pampering procedures — not cesspools of microbes. So, it’s only natural to wonder: Are all pedicures off-limits?

diabetes foot complications

Image Sources: CCN.AACNJournals.org & Foot.com

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