Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails: Turn Back the Clock on Your Toenails

“I’m not always immaculately groomed, though I do always sport glossily painted toenails. But it’s not as glamorous as it sounds,” writes Leah Hardy for the Daily Mail. “The polish disguises the ugly yellow discoloration on my big toenails, caused by a fungal infection I’ve had for years,” she explains.

Her problem is not at all uncommon. Since treatment has been notoriously time-consuming, ineffective, frustrating, and even dangerous, many people have simply learned to live with their unsightly fungal nails — choosing to paint over them, rather than cure them.

topical nail fungus treatment

Toenail fungus treatments are time consuming and frustrating.
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How Art Transforms Tragedy: Beautiful and Functional Prosthetic Legs Can Bring Hope to Diabetic Amputees

For many weeks now, we’ve chronicled the problem of diabetic foot infections, ulcers, and amputations. It can be a deeply troubling topic, especially if you have diabetes and are already on the lookout for foot wounds. So this week we thought we’d bring you something a little  more uplifting — a story about alternative prosthetic limbs that are blurring the line between art and medical science.

diabetic prosthetics

Bespoke Innovations out of San Francisco is breaking new ground with their line of unique prosthetics.
This leg belongs to athlete Sarah Reinertsen. Image Source:

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Don't Overpay for Toenail Fungus Treatment: Generic Lamisil Now Available at Walmart for $4!

Everyone knows the toenail fungus treatment Lamisil, thanks to its revolting mascot “Digger.” According to Forbes magazine, manufacturer Novartis spent $236 million on three years’ worth of ads, which resulted in a 19% jump in sales to $1.2 billion in 2004. For years, this salesman has captured the attention of consumers looking for a toenail fungus cure, despite its expensive.

People continue to buy Lamisil in droves, thanks in part to enthusiastic doctor support and continued notoriety. However, the introduction of a generic version of terbinafine in 2006 threatened the drug’s stranglehold on the market and resulted in a 17% drop in Lamisil sales the first year it became available. So the question remains: Are you taking Lamisil and overpaying for your toenail fungus treatment?


“Digger” made the Lamisil brand a household name.
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How Wet Socks Cause Fungal Infections: Banish Water-Loving Cotton to Keep Your Feet Fungus Free!

Today we want to talk to you about a very serious issue: the socks in your drawer! These trusty companions accompany your feet each day, but how much thought have you really given them lately? Your mother probably buys them for you as Christmas gifts and you just assume that smelly feet or fungal infections are par for the course in this world. However, the type of socks we wear can be a contributing factor to athlete’s foot fungus and toenail infections.

foot fungus socks

Are your socks contributing to foot fungus?
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Nostrovia! Using Vodka to Cure Stinky Feet (and Not Just Your Ability to Tolerate It)

Certain foods and drinks have been associated with increased sweating and a very distinct body odor — curry and vodka, for example. So it’s strange to hear people claim that vodka, of all things, can have the opposite effect on stinky feet and armpits.  Joan Rivers once said, “I always spray my costumes with vodka and water. It’s an old Broadway trick — two-thirds water and one-third vodka… spray your armpits and you’ll never smell again.”

foot odor cure

Some say vodka can cure foot odor. Image Source:

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Fungus Be Gone! 3 Essential Steps to Getting Fungus-Free Nails

Yellow, crumbling fungus nails are the bane of many people’s existence. “Having gross toenails is a real blow to the self-esteem of my patients,” says Dr. Rob Lamberts, MD. “For some reason, it really bothers people,” he adds — even though it won’t put anyone in the hospital and causes no pain. It seems no matter how much money people spend or what they do, their unsightly condition will not clear up!

It’s true that you will need to exercise patience until the fungus nail completely grows out — which could take up to a year, depending on how fast your nails grow. But the good news is that you can take these three steps to ensure that you are well on your way to enjoying fungus-free nails.

fungus free feet

Having fungus free nails will give you back your self confidence.
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Watch Your Feet: Photos Reveal How a Diabetic Foot Infection Can Grow in Just 10 Days!

We’re not going to post the photo of a ten-day-old diabetic foot infection directly, out of respect for some of our more squeamish readers. After all, it is shockingly gruesome! It is almost beyond comprehension just how rapidly diabetic foot damage can spread once the blistering begins.

If you are curious and would like a punch in the gut to fully comprehend the gravity of diabetic foot ulcers, then by all means, click here to see the photo. If you’d rather not see it, we understand. We will at least tell you about what happened to the poor 50-year-old man who suffered the lesions on his feet.

diabetic foot ulcer

Diabetic foot wounds can progress rapidly, so prevention is the best cure.
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Do I Need a Prescription to Treat Toenail Fungus, and How Much Will it Cost?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that crumbly, yellow, thick nails spell toenail fungus. Of course, if you want an official diagnosis, the average cost of visiting a podiatrist generally ranges from $50 to $100. Plus you’ll need to find a podiatrist who is accepting new patients and finagle your work schedule to make an appointment. It’s true – going to a doctor can be a pain! But what can you do? Do you need a prescription, or are there over-the-counter medications for toenail fungus? We’ve got the answer, and we weigh the costs.

OTC toenail fungus

Going to a foot clinic may not be feasible for every patient suffering from toenail fungus.
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Famous Cases of Tinea Pedis Outbreaks and Tips on Avoiding This Widespread Foot Fungus

We’ve all heard that athlete’s foot (scientifically known as tinea pedis) is one very contagious foot fungus. Yet, just how contagious is it? Should you be worried whenever you step foot in your gym’s locker room, or should you just avoid using other people’s towels to dry off? A few famous cases of athlete’s foot outbreaks show just how an epidemic can grow from just a few scales of foot fungus shed in a public place.

tinea pedis outbreak

It’s a wise idea to cover your feet in a public wash house, as these tinea pedis outbreaks clearly show.
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